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  1. What Do You Want!
    by acloudyskye
    Curses Curses
    This album is on the wrong side of the loudness war—but everything else about it is so amazing that I don't care. Huge, outside-the-box ideas in the electronica space. 75/100
  2. Turbo
    by Cory Wong and Dirty Loops
    Ring Of Saturn Ring Of Saturn
    I know this album is quite good because my biggest complaint is that most of the tracks are too 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘵. Also that the sidechain compression on the kick is cheesy. But this is otherwise a fire take on funk from a collab made in heaven. 70/100
  3. C418 - Aria Math (Protostar Remix)
    by Protostar,C418
    Aria Math didn't need an upgrade. But Protostar didn't care.
  4. Icons
    by Two Shell
    Pods Pods


  5. Pump
    by Chymera
  6. To See the Next Part of the Dream
    by Parannoul
  7. After the Magic
    by Parannoul
  8. Nascent
    by Alexander Panos
    36523_red/blue 36523_red/blue
    This album is shockingly unprecedented. By foregoing the basic electronic framework of a constant rhythmic background, Panos has created a devastatingly organic body of sound. Unburdened sincerity indeed. 90/100
  9. Thoughts On The Rain Season
    by Hello Meteor
    Two Uncomplicated Events Two Uncomplicated Events
    My favorite Hello Meteor album. Tranquil, contemplative, moving slowly but beautifully. 70/100
  10. The Department of Marine Sciences
    by Hello Meteor
    The Department of Marine Sciences The Department of Marine Sciences
    A well-played intersection of synthwave and IDM. Shame that the first track is the best one, though, if you ask me. 60/100
  11. Nova/Moth
    by Burial + Four Tet
    Moth Moth
    Marvel: "Avengers: Endgame will be the most epic crossover of all time"

    Burial + Four Tet: "Hold my drum samples"
  12. New Energy
    by Four Tet
    Scientists Scientists
    So it's not Rounds, I get it. But this is still a solid Four Tet album worth its own salt. The A side is stronger than the B side, but it's all good. 65/100
  13. Iridescence of Clouds (Sea of Vapor)
    by Illuvia
    I thought my tendency to procrastinate was a bad thing…and then Illuvia listed this double CD reissue for $14. Thank goodness I didn't buy this back when it released the first time. 60/100
  14. Northwest Passage
    by Merrin Karras
    Dominions Dominions
    (See Mr. Chillage's comments ↓↓↓) 65/100
  15. Promises
    by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra
    If you're using Promises as background music, you'll probably think it's pretty average; I know I did the first time I heard it. But if you pay it a closer listen, you will be utterly blown away. 95/100
  16. Skylight Promenade
    by Lindsay Lowend and Fearofdark
  17. Longest Year (2020)
    by Hammock
    Dark Beyond the Blue (2020) Dark Beyond the Blue (2020)
    It's weird how many other albums this one reminds me of, distilling their sounds into an extract and then scattering it among the ambient stars. 55/100
  18. Syncorswim
    by Zebbler Encanti Experience
    Moonrise Moonrise
    Makes me wonder if downtempo is the cooler house. Some of the best drum work I've ever heard on an electronic album. 85/100
  19. Ingrid
    by Klara Lewis
    It's so weirddddd I LOVE it
  20. the geometry of silence
    by timothy johnson
    R E V E R B yes