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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. The Rarities
  2. Crumbs
    by Bru Lei
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Sev Statik and Rawthreat
  4. Demographix
    by chase
  5. The EvILLution Vol. 1(FOR CHARITY)
    by Brain Kave Music Group Network Web Radio
  6. Time To Build
    by The 1628 Factor
  7. Volume 72 - Unreleased Tracks
    by The 1628 Factor
  8. Synesthexia EP
    by Doctors Under The Influence
  9. Flow Cash Chapter EP
    by The 1628 Factor
  10. Side One
    by Cochise, Popcult, Jster
  11. Not 4 The Money, The Low Cash Chapter
    by The 1628 Factor
  12. Street Trash Panther
    by Street Trash Panther
  13. Speak! + S-GracE-The Scuzzy Supreme EP
    by Speak!
  14. Nothin' New Under the Sun
    by Clever One x B.B.Z Darney
  15. Wild Seed
    by Clever One
  16. Defenders of the East
    by L.O.B. & Shushi Shu
  17. Vol.1 Mixtape
    by The Collective Alliance
  18. The History Of Torture
    by L.O.B.
  19. No Where To Run
    by Dr. Strange, Awall, Kwote. Rez and Kee words
  20. Kid Gloves Lp
    by Glad2Mecha & Friends
  21. Leaving My Mark
    by 2UGLi & The Premonist
  22. (the resignation of) ResiNation
    by Head ResiNators (K-Cromozone & J.Bomb.Beat)
  23. Forbidden Fruit Creates Many Jams
    by ResiNation, now Head ResiNators
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. The EP
    by Chrome Bills
  25. Original Script
    by Tha Soloist VS Trilian
    by Bizarro
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Michael Wright
  28. PIXEL.
    by Bizarro
  29. The Strain
    by Double Helix
  30. Vrilmatic
    by Coal Cash
  31. Lost Dogs
    by Coal Cash
  32. Str8 Jackit (Mix Tape)
    by Bad Karma
  33. TONES 13K - LOOSE CANNON (2014)
  34. Coast aka PCISE
    by PCISE
  35. Un-Erffed
    by Coast
  36. The Album That Never Came Out
    by Ixion Form
  37. Quick Puff
    by Quantom Physics
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. Quiet Please
    by Quantom Physics
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. The Stache (QP-Collabs)
    by Quantom Physics
  40. The G.O.D. (LP) [1998]
    by Shawn Lov
  41. Waiting For A Ghost (LP) [2007]
    by Shawn Lov
  42. Catalog of Classics Volume 3
    by Jukstapose
  43. a Villain Tape
    by Jukstapose
  44. J-Merk EP
    by J-Merk
  45. Never Die Eazy
    by J-Merk