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  1. Ladyworld
    by TWRP
    Body Image Body Image
  2. A Flood On Desert Sand
    by Thrift Store Talent
    Pretend (ft. Pat Meruseye & Sam Keogh) Pretend (ft. Pat Meruseye & Sam Keogh)
  3. Ai Ai Syndrome
    Hate Hate
  4. Level 5
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Jet Black Dress Jet Black Dress
  5. Not The Boy You Used To Know
    by Micah Schnabel
    Scared of Heights Scared of Heights
  6. Brand New Friend at Christmas Time
    by The Yogscast
  7. Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour
    by Mary Crowell
    Jazz & Mai (Raven May Waltz) Jazz & Mai (Raven May Waltz)
  8. Lucifer is Love
    by Them Pulp Criminals
    Jack Torrance Jack Torrance
    This album has the sort of hopeless, devil may care tone that seems like a great fit for film noir.
  9. Runner Five
    by Mary Crowell
    Runner Five Runner Five
  10. This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons
    by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
    Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret
  11. Harvest Season - Second Cutting
    by Alexander James Adams
    March of Cambreadth March of Cambreadth
  12. Shadowbeast
    by Escape Key
    The Girl That's Never Been The Girl That's Never Been
    This album has a haunting beauty to it. Almost all of the songs get deeper the more you listen to them.
  13. The Ties That Bind
    by Mawkin
    Jolly Well Drunk Jolly Well Drunk
  14. The Fire Inside
    by Cathy McManamon
    Scarlet Town Scarlet Town
    This album is fantastic. Every song is memorable, and deeper insight unfolds with repeated listens. Scarlet Town is my favorite track, but as i listed to the album more, Water and Holding On To The Dream really grabbed me as well.
  15. In Morocco
    by Telemachus
    Tiznit Tiznit
    I love the combination of the old fashioned tourism video vocal over the music that is evocative of Morocco.
  16. Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories
    by Mary Crowell
    City of Doors City of Doors
    This entire album is great fodder for brainstorming RPG sessions. The jazziness of all of them will keep them on repeat in your head for days, and I Put My Low Stat is now the obligatory song for building characters