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  1. Dislocation
    by Nest Egg
  2. Nothingness is Not a Curse
    by Nest Egg
  3. After Dark
    by Forest Management
  4. Untitled
    by Acronym w Korridor
  5. DEDEKIND CUT - The Expanding Domain (ded005)
    by Dedekind Cut
  6. Clara
    by loscil
  7. Departing Psalm*
    by Daniel Menche
  8. SR-71 Blackbird Survivors
    by Vatican Shadow
  9. Iridescence Of Clouds
    by Illuvia
  10. Resonance
    by cEvin Key
  11. "Mettapatterning for Constellation"
  12. Ae/Be*
  13. The World that Was
    by Temple Of Void
  14. "May You Be Held" (cassette version)
    by SUMAC
  15. Spatial Relation*
    by AVOLA
  16. Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era
    by Vatican Shadow
  17. coast/range/arc//
    by loscil
  18. Mortal
    by Necrot
  19. Mourning Jewelry
    by Less Bells
  20. Pylon III
    by NORDRA