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  1. Untitled album
    by At bona fide
    Fade away in time Fade away in time
    Very lovely weirdish shoegaze / noise-rock from our brothers in CzR. Stay creative and record some more. And it would be nice to see you rock some time.
  2. Reconstruction and Synthesis
    by 0N0
    Desolatry Desolatry
    Hell yes, the wait is over and it was worth it. Their debut as a band is over 50 minutes of relentless death metal interwoven with sometimes industrial and always psychedelic ultra-heavy doom. The music is endlessly inspired and will grow on you until you die. This is the ultimate guitar worship. Light up your candles, cut your wrists just a little and don't forget to whisper the devil's name in between the songs or every time it let's you. Buy this and see them live! Or die.
  3. Pod nechtom byva najvacsia tma
    by FYASCO
    Pod nechtom byva najvacsia tma Pod nechtom byva najvacsia tma
    Fucking great hardcore punk EP, great ideas, heavy sound, in-your-face vocal and lyrics. Surely the best Slovak hardcore punk record in years.
  4. MINOR - 666
    by Solo album drummer Minor. Alternative deathcore / industrial fusion! 2014/2015
    Technotermal - Part I/Part II. Technotermal - Part I/Part II.
    Paráda, náhodou som naladil FMko a tam toto. Musím podporiť takýto projekt, veľmi sa mi to páči, len tak ďalej!
  5. graves of philanthropy
    by psy v metre
    Filthy grunge rock! Nice grooves. And fortunately, not very philanthropic.
  6. Úrad
    by Prezident Lourajder
    Účastnícky diplom (Ujko na beate) Účastnícky diplom (Ujko na beate)
    Tak raz za päť rokov sa nájde hip-hopový album, ktorý ma baví vypočuť si celý. Tenkrát po prvé made in czsk! Len tak ďalej!
  7. A Farewell to Conscious Shores (Single)
    by 0N0
    Devastating and mind-blowing shit. Death metal rewritten. Psychedelia versus raging anger and the ultimate darkness of the void. Can't wait to hear the full album, I am sure it will kick some infernal ass and all the angels will drop dead to stay dead.
  8. This Ain't No (EP)
    by Jelly Belly
  9. nothing
    by r.roo
    silence of eternity silence of eternity
    Oh, this is really good, I will definitely buy more music from you! Very nice atmospheric IDM electronics. Without doubt a very talented musician here. Thank you!
  10. Druhá platňa
    by Pentagramček
  11. Hedvika
    by Vložte kočku
  12. Cimelium 1
    by Vložte kočku
  13. Toxoplasmo EP
    by Vložte kočku
  14. Táta
    by Vložte kočku
  15. Film
    by Sky To Speak
    Tom Cruise Is Too Serious And Too Much Of A Pussy Tom Cruise Is Too Serious And Too Much Of A Pussy
    Post-rock/ambient/cinematic stuff. Very nice. Make sure to see him/them live, the shows are great.
  16. Event Horizon
    by Millhouse
  17. Exchanging | EXTB021
  18. Sounds of Mana - chapter06 - Antimatter Principles
    by poo
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Sounds of Mana - chapter02 - Collapse of Elements
    by poo
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Sounds of Mana - chapter07 - Green Face Pareidolia
    by poo
    appears in 1 other collection