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  1. MOA1202
    by Parallel Worlds
  2. Phosphenes (DiN65)
    by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds
  3. Almagest
    by Under the Dome
  4. Reality Engine (DiN62)
    by Dave Bessell
  5. Sonic Reflection
    by Xan Alexander
  6. Dystopia (DiN56)
    by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell
    Forest Of Stars Forest Of Stars
    Those of you thinking that this would be the son of Morphogenic would be sadly mistaken - This cd heads in a totally different direction with only Filament sounding a bit like it. Forget all the pretentious guff by Sylvain Lupari - this album rocks - nearly all the tracks are fantastic except Devoid which is a little too short - so impressed that I am going to rush out and buy an Aum guitar
  7. Node Live (DiN55)
    by Node
    Perpetuum Mobile 1 Perpetuum Mobile 1
    This is great - Mel Wesson shows his hand with some Panaroramic almost movie like soundscapes - I particularly like Arrival which is a looser almost Jazzy interpretation of The Traveller
  8. iNDEX05 (DiN50)
    by Various
    My Window View My Window View
    good compilation
  9. Fleet (DiN53)
    by ARC
    Runner Runner
    no fillers here - and a splendid YouTube video to boot
  10. Radio Sputnik (DiN7)
    by ARC
    this live album has an industrial theme to it - the live tracks are better than the originals - ArcAngel is a tour de force - tranzit 1 and 2 are just some doctor who type sound effect fillers
  11. Arcturus (DiN19)
    by ARC
    Arcturus Part 1 Arcturus Part 1
    have listened to this in the car and the album has grown on me - sequencing throughout by Mark Shreeve is excellent
  12. Church (DiN35)
    by ARC
    Veil Veil
    grows on you
  13. Umbra (DiN45)
    by ARC
    Proxima Obscuro Proxima Obscuro
    Excellent stuff
  14. Memories Of Light
    by Xan Alexander
    Blake Garrison Blake Garrison
    great value
  15. Rise (DiNDDL07)
    by ARC
    Rise Rise
    Rise is fantastic - the other two tracks so so
  16. Fracture (DiN28)
    by ARC
    Fracture Fracture
    Fracture is ok - ARC have smashed out a lot of better stuff
  17. Node 2 (DiN44)
    by Node
    The Traveller The Traveller
    Interesting fact - Shinkansen is actually the Japanese Bullet Train network
  18. Radio Happy Music Compilation for the Haiyan/Yolanda Victims
    by Radio Happy
    Equilibrium Of Injustice Equilibrium Of Injustice
    Amazing value however much you donate
  19. Elektro-Technology
    by Xan Alexander
    Dr. Brain Freeze Dr. Brain Freeze
    Xan is king - hail to him
  20. Morphogenic (DiN41)
    by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell
    Heterodyne Heterodyne
    Great album and a real grower -