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  1. Game Over!
    by Benét
  2. ever loving you
    by V
  3. Living in Hindsight
    by Coy Pond
  4. When I’m Older
    by missangelbird
  5. Datura Summer
    by Lance Koehler
  6. Jump Rope Gazers
    by The Beths
    Dying to Believe Dying to Believe
    The songs on this album stitch together to weave a magic blanket that makes you feel safe enuff to cry. I think it has something to do with how well the honesty found in vocal timbre pairs with the words chosen to convey these thoughtful melodies. I haven't rocked a record this hard since Nothing Feels Good.
  7. Temple
    by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
  8. Purple Album
    by Silhouettes vs. The Sun
  9. Blue
    by Tiara & Andrew
  10. Plasma
    by The Wimps
  11. Dig
    by Luray
  12. Dog Physics EP
    by ings
    this is one of my fav Eps of the last 10 years. . . . . . I can't tell you how many times I've streamed it...thank you for making it!
  13. Nervous Nothings
    by Nervous Nothings
    Rat Rat
    y'alls dynamics are so on point.....keep up the good work
  14. TITLE
    by BlackLiq
  15. Colorful Creature
    by Errol Bateman
  16. Winter Ring
    by Winter Ring
    was bummed to see y'all dropped off the richmond show tonight.....see ya next time yall come record is super on point. . !!!!
  17. A Tale of Two Graves
    by Silhouettes vs. The Sun
  18. Goodnight, Sweet Lowlifes
    by Regis
    perfect thoughtful throwback
  19. The Roadside Angels
    by The Roadside Angels
    Turn Me Loose Turn Me Loose
    No digital effects!!!! mixed fully analog, mute groups and fader rides
  20. Winder Phase
    by John Graham & Boas
    Things That Already Happened Things That Already Happened
    Textures are sooooooooo good!!