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  1. Caustic Light
    by Terror Cell
  2. A gift of bricks from the sky
    by The Wind in the Trees
  3. Happy 26th Birthday
    by Wait And Shackle
  4. Hugs and Drugs
    by LOFTUS
  5. Demo 2022
    by Clock Strikes Lightning
  6. Dr. Acula
    by Dr. Acula
    by Black Matter Device
  8. Cancer Withdrawal
    by Mothman
  9. Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation
    by Languish
  10. I Am God Songs
    by Black Sheep Wall
  11. I Am God Songs
    by Black Sheep Wall
  12. How To Deal With Life And Fail (Grindcore)
    by ERNIA
  13. Cancer Withdrawal
    by Mothman
  14. Gather & Mourn
    by End
  15. Cancer Withdrawal
    by Mothman
  16. Hawthorne Effect
    by halfslug
  17. Diary (2009 Edition)
    by Sunny Day Real Estate
  18. Elder Jack Long Play
    by Elder Jack
    ngl the alex g cover absolutely sold me. and then the record started taking over my brain. pls support this band thx
  19. Metempiric
    by Knoll
  20. Kill Your Idols
    by Defiant