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  1. A Crown of Curses
    by Abduction
    Equinox Of Defeat Equinox Of Defeat
    God frickin damn do I love this album. Especially the drum work is phenomenal. Hope to see more from these guys.
  2. Perverticon - Wounds of Divinity
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Divine Amusement for Pitiless God Divine Amusement for Pitiless God
    Aww yiss this album slays. I hope it will get the recognition it deserves. Masterful black/death.
  3. Serpent Uncoiling
  4. The End of an Era | Rebirth
    by Inferi
  5. Devouring Ruin
    by Wake
    This Abyssal Plain This Abyssal Plain
    Fucking masterful. Hard to top this as album of the year for me.
  6. Mordrake
    by Xenobiotic
    Light that Burns the Sky Light that Burns the Sky
    This album rips. Amazing tech death without the wank you'd often see in the genre. The vocalist elevates this to another level making this cd very hard to top as the best death metal of 2020.
  7. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
    The Rot in the Field is Holy The Rot in the Field is Holy
    From the name i thought this would be a gimmick band kinda thing, but after a listen i'd have to say this is really damn good.

    Great atmospheric black metal.
  8. Wanderers: Astrology of The Nine
    by Mare Cognitum
  9. Alpenpässe
    by Minenwerfer
    Der Blutharsch Der Blutharsch
    Beautiful and emotional black metal, with a good grip on history. Recommended.
  10. Pledge Nothing But Flesh
    by Scáth Na Déithe
    Bloodless Bloodless
    Yes. Definetely. The atmosphere is thick and suffocating here. Ridiculously heavy while still maintaing recognisable melody. So damn glad i discovered this album.
  11. Moriah
    by The Order Of Apollyon
  12. Consciousness Torn from the Void
    by The Ember, The Ash
  13. Triangle
    by Schammasch
    This album is a goddamn masterpiece. Buy this. And then buy the rest of the schammasch discog the next day.
  14. Hearts of No Light
    by Schammasch
    Another goddamn fantastic piece of art from schammasch. Buy this. And then triangle if you don't own that already.
  15. Macrobial
    by Immanifest
  16. aevum
    by VUKARI
  17. EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy
    by The Great Old Ones
  18. Cosmicism
    by The Great Old Ones
  19. Summoners of the Serpents Wrath
    by Sarkrista
    The Lurking Giant The Lurking Giant
    I always come back to this. This album is so f***ing good.
  20. The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite
    by Schammasch