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  1. Chants of Liberation
    by Monasterium Imperi
  2. Dark Litanies of Terra
    by Monasterium Imperi
  3. Mundus Sanctorium
    by Monasterium Imperi
  4. discorDances
    by Pneumagnosis
    Veils Veils
    Vibrant, intricate, melodic dark electro-industrial blended with the skill and dexterity of a classically trained musician. Bonus points for variety: “Veils” and “Dark Caverns” stand out as irresistible dancefloor fillers, while the gritty metallic tones of “Shards” give a nod to early powernoise, and the slinky slow-burn grooves of “State Change” and “Primal Waters” tap into the bump-and-grind energy of hot underground club nights. A hidden gem!
  5. Dances in Scarlet and Black
    by Pneumagnosis
    Coda Coda
    It’s no small feat to anchor this kind of emotional depth into such a deliciously danceable instrumental release. Pair that with impeccable timing and precision - he knows just when to heighten anticipation and build to a crescendo - and the result is a potent mix indeed. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite track, but in the end “Coda” takes the prize. A good coda should bring a satisfying sense of closure, and this one delivers in spades.
  6. Eliwagar
    by Skadi
    Terra Innocentia Terra Innocentia
    When I bought the original version of this incredible album on CD in 2006 (in which the tracks all blend together, with no pauses between them), it completely blew me away and became my all-time favourite album in the genre. I'm thrilled to see a redux version on Bandcamp, where it can finally find the appreciation it deserves! It's evocative, reverent, rapturous. It's my soundtrack for Skadi's shrine room, accompaniment for ritual dance, and beloved companion. My highest recommendation!
  7. Consuetudines
    by Hyios
    Aquila Aquila
    Shrouded in mystery – no information is available about the musicians behind this project, aside from the mention of its home in Leipzig, Germany - this album is intense and otherworldly, yet every bit as earthy and terrestrial as if it had been forged in a series of field recordings in labyrinthine underground passageways. Chthonic and primordial dark ritual ambient, with bonus points for originality: I’ve heard nothing else in the genre that I’d say is truly comparable to this. Outstanding!
  8. Beyond These Days
    by Velum Sonus
  9. Dismal Radiance
    by Kave
  10. Speech From The Shadows
    by Konau
    Sadness Embrace Sadness Embrace
    This finely honed blend of melancholy and disquiet stirs sorrowful reflections and solemn, sepia-tinted memories. You can almost feel the chill in your bones as the stormy opening of “Contemplation” gives way to a churning dissonance, and the diabolical laughter in the eerie, Lustmord-esque “Crawling Darkness” paints a sonic tapestry of seething dread. If you like your dark ambient mournful, contemplative, and slightly chilling, Konau will make your black heart rejoice. Highly recommended.
  11. Negation
    by Curse All Kings
  12. Prisimerkti
    by Oorchach
  13. Prelude
    by Dreone
    by Veil of Secrecy
    Throne To The Dogs Throne To The Dogs
    A truly marvelous but sadly overlooked 2001 release from the talented Steven Hall. Moody and breathtaking in its sophistication and range, the emotional landscape of this release speaks in many tongues. This is enormously underrated! It should be at least as well known as Blood Box and Yen Pox, yet for reasons I don't understand, it received barely a whisper. Glad it's now on Bandcamp, where it will hopefully attract the appreciation and support it deserves!
  15. Scaleby, XII
    by The Inward Circles
  16. Das Graue Flüstern
    by Dead Factory
  17. Konx Om Pax
    by Traipse
  18. 22° Halo
    by Red Fog
  19. Tomb of Wights
    by Cryo Chamber
  20. Granite Creek
    by Camp Of Wolves