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Dark ambient music nerd, old-school rivethead, freelance writer, dark fusion dancer, tea enthusiast, feminist, introvert, polytheist Heathen, animist, cave dweller, and monastic hermit.

Note: most of the albums on my Bandcamp wish list are ones I already own on CD. I put them here so that readers of my blog who are looking for dark ambient recommendations can find them more easily.
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  1. Eliwagar
    by Skadi
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    Terra Innocentia Terra Innocentia
    When I bought the original version of this incredible album on CD in 2006 (in which the tracks all blend together, with no pauses between them), it completely blew me away and became my all-time favourite album in the genre. I'm thrilled to see a redux version on Bandcamp, where it can finally find the appreciation it deserves! It's evocative, reverent, rapturous. It's my soundtrack for Skadi's shrine room, accompaniment for ritual dance, and beloved companion. My highest recommendation!
  2. Norrland
    by Skadi
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    Skadi & Njörd Skadi & Njörd
    Sacral, otherworldly atmospheres paint an aural portrait of the mountainous Northern dwelling lands of the huntress Skadi, the project's namesake goddess of Norse myth. Introspective and mystical, like all his best work, with percussive elements from martial industrial. The stormy and dramatic "Inget Ljus av Hopp" (No Light of Hope) descends into bleakness, disturbing yet tranquil at the same time. Not to be missed!
  3. Love and Sorrow
    by Skadi
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    Respectus Respectus
    The dreamlike and hypnotic "Remembrance" draws me in, the intricate percussive elements of "Dreamcatcher" inspire me to dance…then the melancholia of "Infinite Sorrow" followed by the deep and cavernous "Respectus" take me on an extended journey through the emotional terrain of loss, grief, and the shadow self. And that dramatic, unnerving sudden shift near the 4-minute mark in "Lost" is stunning. Never fails to give me chills.
  4. ... and nothing remains
    by Skadi
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    Gone in Silence Gone in Silence
    Amazing work from a criminally underrated project. The whole album is fantastic, but I particularly recommend "Gone in Silence," a masterful juxtaposition of anguish and beauty that still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, even after hundreds of listens over many years. Not only is it one of my favourite Skadi tracks - it's one of my favourite tracks in the entire dark ambient genre.
  5. Retrospective I
    by Skadi
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    The Huntress The Huntress
    Stunningly beautiful and evocative collection from the early years of one of my all-time favourite musicians. With the heart-rending "Sadness of Love" and the rapturous "Awakening of Skadi" with its bells and choral elements, you may find yourself transported to another dimension.
  6. Retrospective II
    by Skadi
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    My Cold Heart My Cold Heart
    At long last, this inspiring collection from the early years of the Skadi project (2002-2005) finally sees the light of day! Take a sonic journey into shimmering glacier-ridden landscapes with the reflective, synth-driven Winter Solstice-themed tracks, let the majestic notes of "My Cold Heart" (one of my all-time favourites!) move you to dance, then surrender to the bittersweet melancholy of "Post Mortem" and "Forgiven Souls."
  7. Enemy Within
    by Skadi
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    Path of the Abandoned Path of the Abandoned
    More meandering and slightly harsher than the project's early releases. An introspective sense of melancholy drifts through these ominous drones and layered metallic textures. A refined inner journey through the landscape of despair and loss, with a sampling of the project's signature choral elements that should please longtime fans as well as newer ones.
  8. Consuetudines
    by Hyios
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    Aquila Aquila
    Shrouded in mystery – no information is available about the musicians behind this project, aside from the mention of its home in Leipzig, Germany - this album is intense and otherworldly, yet every bit as earthy and terrestrial as if it had been forged in a series of field recordings in labyrinthine underground passageways. Chthonic and primordial dark ritual ambient, with bonus points for originality: I’ve heard nothing else in the genre that I’d say is truly comparable to this. Outstanding!
  9. Orgelhuset
    by Hymnambulae
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    Polarsidan Polarsidan
    Lush, contemplative atmospheres, seasoned with just the right touch of melancholy. Do I detect a note of innocence - even playful, childlike whimsy - amidst these plaintive vocals, lingering organ notes, and wistful, hypnotic drones? Rarely do rigor of form and boundless creativity intersect so exquisitely. Let Pär and Åsa's mystical musical sanctuary enfold you, and transport you into liminal spaces on gossamer wings of mythic imagination.
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    Ritual Over Ruin Ritual Over Ruin
    Cavernous, deep chthonic ritual doom ambient. Hypnotic echoed voices, a descent into the abyss, a soundtrack for funereal rites, or an unsettling occult journey through forlorn and desolate landscapes: Stielh is a true master of all of these and more. Bleak and beautifully wrought. Don't miss "Vision of Scourge" and "Rex Verminorum." My highest and most enthusiastic recommendation!
  11. The Nest
    by Kammarheit
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    Sung In Secret Sung In Secret
    The Nest, I like to imagine, is a restful, restorative place of refuge and serenity that dwells within the heart and soul of each listener; these meditative, moody swaths of drone will carry us there. This eagerly-awaited album holds an understated but potent radiance that shines through even its coldest and most mournful moments, hinting at stories untold and mysteries to ponder. "Unsealed" is particularly stirring, and "Sung in Secret" may just leave you breathless - in the best possible way.