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Donald Sawyer III

  1. Winston Salem, North Carolina
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Moonlight
    by Vanilla
    Keep On Keep On
  2. The Odd Tape
    by Oddisee
    Alarmed Alarmed
    This is my go to instrumental album. I got the CD around March 2016. It was the soundtrack to my first novel and it got me through my alcohol battle. I was off and on drinking up until June 2016. I listened to the album when I needed some positivity. Oddisee is a genius to me. Every song has its own character. I love his principles and how he doesn't care about attention. He knows people will find him when they find him.
  3. SoulSam EP
    by Sam Gouthro
    You You
    This EP by Sam is tight. All purpose listening. At home, in the car, or walking around the block. I found @sambosoup on Instagram. Much respect for his passion.
    by NÉRIJA
    The Fisherman The Fisherman
  5. Replaced
    by Birocratic
    Layback (feat. Paul Sottile, Jr.) Layback (feat. Paul Sottile, Jr.)
    I've been on Bandcamp hard because it is all independent artists. I love the creativity​ and indie artists are free to make what they want. I self published a fictional book in November about a homeless girl chasing her goal of being a hip-hop dancer. I am an independent artist too. That being said Birocratic is my guy. I love jazz and hip hop equally. All his music works for me. Due to the instrumentation and the fact he said he didn't sample, it's classic. I listen to him all the time. Genius stuff.
  6. Antiphon
    by Alfa Mist
    Potential Potential
    The greatest gift my mom gave me was an introduction to jazz. I discovered hip hop and loved the beats. Now, I listen to instrumental music to accompany my day. Alfa Mist is a genius talent. I found him on YouTube. I am a big advocate of independent artist and labels. Major labels don't believe in true art. Keep On got me interested in Alfa.
    by Scribe
    On My Way (FTH) On My Way (FTH)
    I came across Scribe on Facebook. We hooked up for an interview on my blog. You can find it on
    I checked out his album​ and I really liked his uniqueness. He is a very passionate guy about social issues. I'm glad I have met such a talented guy.