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Dr. Wvrm

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  2. Metal
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  1. Lovers Part 1 & Part 2
    by Timecop 1983
  2. Playback
    by Power Glove
  3. Letters From The Edge
    by Sear Bliss
  4. Genre Reveal Party
    by babygotbacktalk
    kvlt af
  5. Eternity's End
    by Astralborne
  6. The Forest
    by Chronicles
  7. Chillhop Essentials Summer 2020
    by Chillhop Music
  8. Palimpsest
    by Protest the Hero
    All Hands All Hands
    Anyone sweating PtH's long layoff need not - Palimpsest doesn't miss a beat. The slick riffs you love combined with a cavalcade of new ideas and looks ensure this shit ain't to be missed.
  9. Chillhop Essentials Spring 2020
    by Chillhop Music
  10. Not Your Action Hero
    by Megahit
  11. Gathering II
    by Oak Pantheon & Amiensus
  12. Redneck Vikings from Hell
    by Aether Realm
  13. Abstract Void Instrumental
    by Abstract Void
  14. Bath
    by maudlin of the Well
  15. Goddamn Type 1
    by Nylithia
    Force The Happy Force The Happy
    Jesus Christ, took you guys long enough.
  16. New Dawn
    by Countless Skies
  17. The Gold & Silver Sessions
    by Elder
  18. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
  19. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink
    Beckoning Sun Beckoning Sun
    Intrepid, intelligent, and irresistible; yup, this is Dark Souls metal.
  20. Diabolos
    by Plaguebringer
    Frailty Frailty
    Like Inferi decided to bulk up so they could go toe-to-toe in a triple threat with Archspire and Necrophagist. Magnificent.