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  1. An Eye to Windward
    by Ochre
    Diapause Diapause
    Ochre ... rent your brain for a week please !!! i have enough saying the same about your music, but , bloody hell, it's an other PIECE OF ART ... where the hell do you get those ideas !!!??? Thanks once again. I promise, i'm not a fan kind of guy !!!! Diapause is insane !!!
  2. [AF034LP] Symmetriades
    by RTR
  3. Understory
    by Ochre
    Dendronaut Dendronaut
    Mr Leary has dropped an other electronic Gem, the sound is spot-on as always, the vinyl artwork is somehow emotional, i've been listening to his music from day 1 & it's pretty amazing to hear the success going all along the years ... Bravo Ochre.
  4. Dear of the Yog
    by Roel Funcken
  5. Accio Niffler EP
    by Roel Funcken
  6. Dragomane Misinize
    by Roel Funcken
  7. [AF030LP] Remixes
    by V/A
  8. LS16
    by exm
  9. A Midsummer Nice Dream (15th Anniversary Edition)
    by Ochre
  10. Persuasion System
    by Com Truise
    Existence Schematic Existence Schematic
    A very nice, cinematic sounding, 80's tribute album. This album lacks of stereo width but still is a great album.
  11. Sort\Lave
    by Richard Devine
    Anemap Anemap
    1 word : k-0
    Mr D shows here that he's way above every other idm-ish artists (or whatever you want to call this music) ... the overall quality of this album is astonishing really, the work of details, silences, drum parts, synths parts - amazing work - The mastering of this album is a great work too - It has great dynamics, a good stereo width. Supreme, a must have as a legacy of some 21st century music.
  12. Project Caelus
    by Ochre
    Christopher, please, print this amazing album on vinyl !!!
    Tugrul - this track gives me shivers every time - Mr Leary, the best melodist; if may be called so; a true sense of sequencing melodies, a pure sense of genius. Thanks for sharing your art - I bought your records from day 1 but you manage to raise the bar each & every time - For those saying that the electronic music has no soul - Listen to some Ochre music.