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  1. II - On These Shores Where Nothing Now Stands...
    by Blencathra
  2. I - These Bones Became the Roots of the Forest...
    by Blencathra
  3. This Mournful Dawn
    by Nordicwinter
  4. Kylmä Ilta (A Cold Evening)
    by Sammale
  5. Fallen from the Throne
    by Beyond The Permafrost
  6. Time Held Me Grey And Dying
    by Ofnus
  7. Death Awakens
    by Mephorash
  8. Með hamri
    by Misþyrming
  9. Black Flame Eternal
    by Cloak
  10. 1557 - Rites of Nullification
    by Mephorash
  11. Shem Ha Mephorash
    by Mephorash
  12. Chalice of Thagirion
    by Mephorash
  13. Saturnian Bloodstorm
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  14. Полярна Зоря (Polaris)
    by Burnt Offering
  15. Secrets of the Golden Palace
    by Psuchagōgoi
  16. Grey Skies (MMXXIII)
    by Eternal Storm
  17. Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    by Majesties
  18. From Which Nightmares Crawl
    by Sacrilegion
  19. As in Gardens, So in Tombs
    by ...And Oceans
  20. Grind over Matter
    by Defleshed