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  1. Spinning Through Us
    by Hammock
  2. Into the Blank / Madi
    by Hammock
  3. A Burden Equal to Our Strength
    by Oliver Barrett
  4. Healing Is A Miracle
    by Julianna Barwick
  5. The Magic Place
    by Julianna Barwick
  6. Will
    by Julianna Barwick
  7. All Melody
    by Nils Frahm
  8. Happy Occident
    by Slow Meadow
  9. Miniatures
    by Matthew Robert Cooper
  10. The Undivided Five
    by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  11. Silencia
    by Hammock
    Fascinans Fascinans
  12. Shuffle Drones
    by Eluvium
  13. The Tired Sounds of
    by Stars of the Lid
  14. The Dusk Loom
    by Petrels
  15. Pianoworks
    by Eluvium
  16. Undercurrent 5 (Calion Pills)
    by Hammock
  17. Haeligewielle
    by Petrels
  18. Eraserland
    by Strand of Oaks
  19. Grunewald
    by Peter Broderick
  20. Undercurrents
    by Hammock
    This track is just gorgeous. I was entranced for ~15 minutes, and then of course the strings come in, and it's heaven. It's a moment you never want to get out of - it's not happiness, it's not sadness, it's not somber, it's not nostalgia, it's the weight of all these at once, given 20 minutes to breathe.