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  1. Dimanche
    by Gregory Paul Mineeff
  2. Cosmos Episode 2
    by Eguana
  3. Bombay by Night
    by Arcane Trickster
    Mumbai By Night Mumbai By Night
  4. Lessening
    by Ralph Kinsella
  5. Nature
    by Omel
  6. Destiny, Vol. 2
    by Eguana
    Andromeda Andromeda
    if you ask me which is the best track on this album? it's the whole release. this is high quality music that takes you on a journey. thank you eguana ;-)
  7. Perpetually Falling
    by Bias
    Perpetually Falling Perpetually Falling
  8. Behind Memories
    by Side Liner & Hardcore Buddhist
    Behind Tempo (Hardcore Buddhist Remix) Behind Tempo (Hardcore Buddhist Remix)
    Beautiful trippy sounds, acid lines sequences & rhythm. Tghis could go forever.

  9. Farthest Star
    by Aviron
  10. Tactical Frequency
    by Industrialyzer
    Tactical Frequency Tactical Frequency
    Full Support! I Love the Sound of Industrialyzer very very much. Lets start the Rave :-) Thanks!!!
  11. Project Mantis
    by Industrialyzer
    Project Mantis Project Mantis
    Full Support! I Love the Sound of Industrialyzer very very much. Lets start the Rave :-) Thanks!!!
  12. Binary
    by Rising Galaxy & Gregory Paul Mineeff
  13. Bathyscaphe
    by Germind
  14. Apana EP (24bit)
  15. Frozen Ants
    by Subsurfing
    Finally I got this beautiful inspiring album by Subsurfing which I am owning since 1994 as a CD. For long time I didn't listen to it. To rediscover this album feels like meeting an old friend after long time.
    If you like open minded electronic music give it a try & if you like to own the album like me too and support the musicians here on bandcamp so Subsurfing can continue to make more music for all of us :-) Thank You
  16. After That Time
    by Potlatch
  17. Sound Science
    by Fractal Impulse & Dense
  18. In The Right Hands
    by Gregory Paul Mineeff & Side Liner
  19. Cosmos Episode 1
    by Eguana
  20. Marvelous Isolation
    by Sundrugs