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  1. The Sound of Silence
    by Malukah
  2. Daughter of the Sea (Warbringers: Jaina)
    by Malukah
  3. Scarborough Fair (feat. Alexander Knutsen)
    by Malukah
  4. The Dawn Will Come
    by Malukah
    The original song used a choir that never got me in the game. But Malu improves this song by gently adding layers and details, but also leaveing the original vibe of the song. Again an amazing improvement. This should be an addition to the OST. Just flawless and amazing.
  5. Reignite
    by Malukah
    The unique mix of original music and adding new layers is redefining the video game music covers with this one. Legendary!
  6. The Fields of Ard Skellig
    by Malukah
    A cover that defines how to make covers. Perfection redefined for a legendary game. Malukah again shows, why she should be first choice for every video game music. Just amazing.
  7. O Holy Night (feat. Alexander Knutsen)
    by Malukah
  8. May It Be
    by Malukah
  9. I Follow the Moon (Original Album)
    by Malukah
    In the Darkness (feat. KSherwoodOps) In the Darkness (feat. KSherwoodOps)
    An album that has grown like a bottle of good wine over a decade in Malukah's mind. The gentle, kind & thoughtful music but also straight and powerful lyrics again proove, what a talented and overhelmingly expressive musician Malukah is. The musicians participating contribute to this perfection from an instrumental point of view. Overall this is a gem of album, generating a sense of coming home.
  10. Leliana's Song
    by Malukah
  11. Jenny of Oldstones
    by Malukah
  12. The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
    by Malukah
    As a German metalhead, this song stuck with me since my teenie times. I never thought, anyone could cover this song and actually make it better than it already is. Well: Here we are. Check this one out.
  13. Frozen Sleep
    by Malukah
  14. My Immortal
    by Malukah
  15. Sinking Ships
    by Malukah
  16. Invincible - World of Warcraft
    by Malukah
  17. Malukah's Christmas Concert Live!
    by Malukah
    Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne
  18. The Banner Saga 2
    by Austin Wintory
  19. Sunset
    by Various Artists
  20. Doomsday
    by Sonic Mayhem
    Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah) Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah)
    I never was into this genre to be honest, but being a video gamer and playing the Mass Effect series brought me here. And I enjoy every second of this!
    Best part in my opinion is Malukahs participation in Bleed Forever. The music reminds me participating in an operation, where a patient is breathing and fighting, while all those electronic sounds a a rhythm like a blood flow surround me. Malukahs voice gives this album the perfect spin for myself.