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  1. Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC
    by Pig Destroyer
  2. Shadow Forth
    by Conquered
  3. Brimstone
    by Quest Master / Graves of Eden
  4. Echoes b/w Flux
    by Black Mountain
  5. What's Your Conquest?
    by Black Mountain
  6. Junior's Eyes b/w Future Shade (Demo)
    by Black Mountain
  7. Eclipsing Honour & Decay
    by Valac
  8. Far Below the Mortal Grasp
    by Valac
  9. Leaning Toward Bitter Misery
    by Valac
  10. Offerings Of Anguish (Demo I)
    by Valac
  11. Burning Dawn of Vengeance
    by Valac
  12. Daggers of Stygian Hatred
    by Valac
  13. Years Deprived
    by Valac
  14. Forhist
    by FORHIST
  15. The World Without Us
    by Mutter
  16. Razor's Edge
    by Dungeon Dogs
  17. WYNDCRAWLER "Obsidian Swords For The Heavendwellers"
    by Wyndcrawler
  18. A Forest
    by Dungeon Dogs
  19. Eliora bat Avraham v' Sarah
    by KYOTY
  20. Wolves of Thelema
    by Caronte