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  1. Magic WAVs
    by Seductive Gateways
  2. Osmond
    by Boa Boa
    Flora Flora
    Big Time Ganja Puff.
  3. New World™
    by Nouveau Life™
  4. Flowerpetals
    by Odeeno
    Rosesgirl Rosesgirl
    The most egregious use of side chaining I have ever heard.
  5. Imaginary Signal
    by Aexion, TV2, and ホテル shampoo
    TV2 - Night Moves TV2 - Night Moves
    This is an incredible release.
  6. Танец Частиц
    by Project Lazarus
  7. seeds
    by eevee
  8. Unexpected
    by eevee
  9. SPORTSGIRL i & ii
  10. Kalerloop
    by FarragoL
  11. FRESHROOM '89
    by b o d y l i n e
  12. 妄想 delusion
    by 蜃気楼MIRAGE
  13. Flashback
    by Maitro & DUCAT
  14. blue eyeshadow
    by luxury elite
    deep pacific deep pacific
    Top shelf stuff.
  15. Leisure
    by Duett
  16. Crystal Cola
    by Crystal Cola
    Moonrise Moonrise
    It's so good. Crystal Cola in the signature style.
  17. Inner Journey
    by Haru Pandi
  18. meditation(s)
    by Emze
    intro intro
  19. 秋の紅葉が目の前に落ちる
    by from tokyo to honolulu
  20. Memories
    by CMD094