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  1. Den Umgekehrten Atem
    by Schwefelgelb
  2. Signs of Decay 2
    by Legowelt, The Hacker, Crotaphytus, Impakt & Chris Moss Acid
    Sodomacid Sodomacid
  3. Helena Hauff meets Andreas Gehm
    by Helena Hauff / Andreas Gehm
    Helena Hauff-Rupture Helena Hauff-Rupture
  4. Ancient Lights ( Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 2 )
    by ERP
    Ancient Light Ancient Light
  5. Los Alamos Motel
    by Legowelt
    Cruise Till The Sun Shines Cruise Till The Sun Shines
  6. Kingtrips EP1
    by Vytear
    Labir Dey_M2 Labir Dey_M2
  7. VIII Circuli Putrida
    by Bank XIV
    Passent9ou Flouraghough (Pass2) Passent9ou Flouraghough (Pass2)
  8. Overlords
    by Volitune
    131mhz 131mhz
  9. Strange Directions
    by DMX Krew
    Snowy Blue Snowy Blue
  10. Outer Limits
    by Pip Williams
    Outer Limits Outer Limits
    Acid burns!
  11. Zunachst
    by Federico Leocata
    Der Zeitlose Raum Der Zeitlose Raum
    Things that come to mind: Dopplereffekt, der Zyklus, Pizza. Great production!
  12. Diving Loop
    by Mrs Jynx
    Dinner Dance Dinner Dance
    Mrs Jynx is really good at making moody, relaxed tracks. Beautiful stuff. She's probably also a really nice person to hang out with.
  13. Blueshifted People
    by Alek Stark
    NGC 4569 NGC 4569
    Starkly nice production!
  14. The League of Shadows
    by Paul Blackford
    Proteus Proteus
    Let me dream for once!
  15. Body Party
    by Body Party
    P.P.P.T. P.P.P.T.
    Full of energy, this one! Unexpected, but so good! I love it! PASSION, POWER, PHILOSOPHY, TECHNOLOGY!
  16. Unknown Zones
    by Paladin
    Zone IV-VII - "Crisis In Gamma Zone" Zone IV-VII - "Crisis In Gamma Zone"
    This one has it all, especially Zone IV-VII. One of my all-time favorites by the Paladin!
  17. Paraphernalia - FREE compilation album
    by Mild Peril Recordings
    Mytheme VI Mytheme VI
    Beautiful compilation of tracks, I love the variety!
  18. Matter
    by Paladin
    Paladin's Theme (extended version) Paladin's Theme (extended version)
    I love this! What a great way to make music! To recognize the similarities and appreciate the differences to the first "Matter" is the best way for me to enjoy this jewel. Every single track is wonderful. "Matter", what a great thing!
  19. Anthology
    by Molasar
    Running II Running II
    Gotta outrun them all!
  20. Parvum Opus
    by Paladin
    Omphaloskepsis II Omphaloskepsis II
    It's the little things that, when combined, form the bigger picture, which is so beautiful. And so, the "Parvum Opus" becomes a "Magnum Opus" :)
  21. Cosmic Angst 2013-2015 (Volume II)
    by Paladin
    Stratus/Sphere Stratus/Sphere
    Will hit deep and then shake you up! :)
  22. Cosmic Angst 2013-2015 (Volume IV)
    by Paladin
    Mytheme VI Mytheme VI
    Listen to the Mythemes spread throughout the musical universe.
  23. Alphagamma
    by Mild Peril
    Alpha Zone Alpha Zone
    I think this was the first track by Chris that I ever listened to. It's a true classic to me! Great little album indeed.
  24. Voyager
    by Mild Peril
    Voyager, sequence IV Voyager, sequence IV
    I like how fast pace doesn't mean the absence of melody here, a lot!
  25. Mild Peril 2012-2013 (Volume II)
    by Paladin
    Kappa Zone Kappa Zone
  26. Prima / Ultima [expanded]
    by Paladin
    Aegis Aegis
    So very beautiful. Thank you.
  27. Mild Peril 2012-2013 (Volume III)
    by Paladin
    Wizard's Pupil III Wizard's Pupil III
    The music in the music, it's brilliant! I love the concept.
  28. Mild Peril 2012-2013 (Volume I)
    by Paladin
    Alpha Zone (12" mix) Alpha Zone (12" mix)
    This one goes through all zones of magical :)
  29. Cosmic Angst 2013-2015 (Volume I)
    by Paladin
    Arp of Pan Arp of Pan
    Very beautiful work. "Arp of Pan" is outstanding! Definitely a strong favorite!
  30. Cosmic Angst 2013-2015 (Volume III)
    by Paladin
    Mytheme I-IV Mytheme I-IV
    I love the reinventions at display here! It really makes for a great listening experience. A true "Mytheme"! :)
  31. Grey Sky Cracks
    by Plant43
    Bronfraith Bronfraith
    I really like the pacing and constant hum of "Bronfraith"! Had to take the record here ;)
  32. Hypnagogia
    by Dopplereffekt / Objekt
    Ganzfeld Ganzfeld
    What a dynamic, destructive track! Next to Gerald's signature sounds!
  33. Psyops for Dummies + Purge
    by DJ Stingray
    Disinformation Disinformation
    Sounds from another planet. I especially like "Disinformation", "Hypoalgesia", "The Strategy of Tension" and "Cognitive Load Theory". Yes, I know that's basically all of it.
  34. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
    Sugar for the Pill Sugar for the Pill
  35. The Rites Of Wrong
    by Automatic Tasty
    I Seen You Through A Crowd (She's So Cool) I Seen You Through A Crowd (She's So Cool)
    The one that got me into Automatic Tasty! Acidic, fruity beats and melodies. Distinct, playful style. How is the vinyl record still available? It also holds the best track of the album, "Cheers Curtis!" Get one while you can, if you ask me :)
  36. Remixes
    by Central Processing Unit
    Step Inside (Noumen Remix) Step Inside (Noumen Remix)
  37. Somewhere Between Shadows EP
    by Lake Haze
    Her Pale Skin Glowing On The Dancefloor Her Pale Skin Glowing On The Dancefloor
    Seriously chill tracks. I'll be watching! Really though, give this a listen.
  38. Bleep43 EP002 – Stingray 313 & Mariska Neerman
    by Stingray 313 / Mariska Neerman
    DJ Stingray in full control. Go with the flow!
  39. Soliton / Null Physics / POM21
    by Alex Cortex vs. DJ Stingray 313
    Null Physics Null Physics
    Stingray says: Sleep with the fishes! Sick tracks.
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  40. Ego Assault
    by Dj Stingray
    Stingray delivers, as usual!
  41. Gognition
    by Dj Stingray 313
    acetylcholine acetylcholine
    If this doesn't send acetylcholine down your dendrites, I don't know what does! On point once again, the whole platter.

  42. [BT17] The Glowing
    by Morah, Solid Blake, Ivna Ji, Vertical67
    Distortion Distortion
  43. [BT12] ITPDWIP - Post Love
    by brokntoys
    Taking An Already Taken Decision Taking An Already Taken Decision
  44. [BT05] Koova - Empty Spaces
    by brokntoys
    Code Code
    Masterful execution by Koova. Every track is quality on here! I really like his distinct style of making music!
  45. [BT01] Pip Williams - Mode#7
    by brokntoys
    Ashburton Ashburton