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  1. Storm Control [PLANT43004]
    by plant43
  2. Dormant
    by Silicon Scally
  3. Chromatophore Volume 1
    by Various Artists
  4. [AF033] Tweaking Paper EP
    by D'Arcangelo
  5. Der Puls Durch Die Schläfen
    by Schwefelgelb
  6. [AF032] Monega EP
    by dgoHn
  7. Thief of Sanity
    by Animistic Beliefs
  8. The Future Is Not What It Used To Be
    by Automatic Tasty
  9. Horta Proxima - [FS024]
    by Morphology
  10. [AF031] Drill'n'Voiron EP
    by Voiron
    Hyper Voiron Hyper Voiron
  11. [AF006] Meteor EP
    by Shinra
  12. Burning Decay
    by Plant43
  13. Evoked Potentials (3/3). SEMANTICA 16
    by E.R.P.
    Repose Repose
    Repose delivers the classic E.R.P. sound.

    A perfect remix by Emile Facey on board as well, with Plant43's signature sounds.

    And all that on a very high quality, beautiful vinyl!

    Thank you, Semantica
  14. Dimensional Shifting
    by The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller
  15. Dimensional Shifting
    by The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller
    If you are of sound mind, GET THIS WHILE YOU CAN!!!
  16. Dimensional Shifting
    by The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller
  17. Dropsonde [Reissue with bonus album]
    by Biosphere
    In The Shape Of A Flute In The Shape Of A Flute
    Holy shit he really did it. I've been waiting so long for this re-issue!

  18. Mycology 2
    by Plant43
    Pale Stagshorn Pale Stagshorn
    So I was preparing food when the notification dropped. Almost burned the stuff ordering this as fast as I could.

    And, of course, Plant43 does not disappoint.
    What an absolute quality record!

    Thank you once again, Emile, for this gem.
  19. Where Things Are Hollow 2
    by Pye Corner Audio
  20. Die Stimme Drängt
    by Schwefelgelb
    Die Dünne Hand Die Dünne Hand
    Absolutely banging record.

    And damn, it's actually sulfuric yellow!