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  1. [RAW]
    by Death By Carrot
  2. ... R I D E !
    by Death By Carrot
  3. Death By Carrot Vol. VIII
    by Death By Carrot
  4. Death By Carrot Vol. XXIII
    by Death By Carrot
  5. Death By Carrot Vol. VI
    by Death By Carrot
  6. Death By Carrot Vol. VII
    by Death By Carrot
  7. Turned to Stone Chapter V
    by Planet of the 8s & Duneeater
  8. Drones
    by Osaka Punch
  9. Baltimore Gun Club
    by Baltimore Gun Club
    1993 1993
    The burning question is, why now? After a long time floating in the musical ether available to a select, discerning listening audience through the medium of vinyl, the sophomore release from BGC is now available to anyone with a pair of earbuds and an internet connection. May it enjoy the viral propagation of that other well known affliction of recent times, and find the audience it deserves. It's a great record, great artwork, produced by a great trio.
  10. Careless Memories
    by Blake Cateris
  11. Sounds From The Other Side
    by Tumbleweed
  12. Galactaphonic
    by Tumbleweed
  13. 30th Anniversary Singles Box Set
    by Tumbleweed
    This 7" box set is just stunning. The covers, the poster, the sticker, the pressings, everything about is is just top shelf. The fact that they are also some of my all time favourite tunes ever helps a bit, too.
  14. 12 EPs in 12 Months - The Last Six
    by Toehider
  15. 12 EPs in 12 Months - The First Six
    by Toehider
  16. 2011 - To Hide Her
    by Toehider
  17. Studios 301 Sessions
    by Lachy Doley
  18. Lagrange Point Vol I
    by Planet of the 8s
  19. I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken
    by The Hard-Ons
  20. Copper Moon
    by Black Electric