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  1. BIG OAF
    by Big Oaf
  2. Journals of the Living
    by Nomadic Reign
  3. And The Ants Still March On
    by Little Hole Filled
  4. Athon
    by Athon
  5. Grazil Records & Friends Vol.1
    by Grazil Records
  6. Chemring
    by Nacasat
    Through the Void and Far Away Through the Void and Far Away
    Side B is monstrous! especially track number three sounds like speed overdose and i just can't come up with the explenation, why. xD this whole EP reminds me of good times i enjoyed during my stay in Berlin. hope it will happen again, but organized better.
  7. Hormonizer
    by Sex Blender
  8. The Demonstration
  9. CULT
    by Mountain Bastard
  10. Ve Yaşamın Dışladıkları / Single Jan.2021
    by Somon
  11. Gravedirt
    by Gravedirt
  12. Chains of Blue
    by Isaurian
  13. DEMO 2020
    by ♄♄♄♄♄
  14. Hell is inside you
    by Sky Pig
  15. Heads & Spirits
    by Lord Drunkalot
  16. Tribute Album
    by The Device
  17. Turnaround LP
    by Turnaround
  18. Forest Session EP
    by Green Hog Band
  19. Divine Justice
    by Renjā
  20. Four Shots Of Green Stone
    by Remember