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Tomas Krigler

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Experimental
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  1. From Nothing
    by Attan
    Nocebo (I Shall Harm) Nocebo (I Shall Harm)
  2. Marching Through The Borderlines
    by Crib45
    Gathering the Storms Gathering the Storms
  3. Tunnel Blanket
    by This Will Destroy You
    Communal Blood Communal Blood
    Inspirating personally and musically.
  4. Quietly
    by Mouth of the Architect
    Guilt And The Like Guilt And The Like
    Just all that I'd like to hear.
  5. '1973'
    by SEIROM
    Strands Of Golden Light Strands Of Golden Light
    When I'm home alone 1973 vibes through my flat loud and I'm having a bath and I think about all bad and good that I've done. It's like to hear sounds of my subconsciousness that I always knew are there.