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Michael Middleton

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Punk
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  1. Oi! Lis'sen to this! Give Depression the Boot! Vol. 2
    by 8UP Records
  2. Demo
    by The Back Ups
  3. A Sense of Solidarity Vol 3
    by The Warzone Collective
  4. OFF THE CLOCK - Self Rule E.P.
    by Off The Clock
  5. EP
    by Priorities
  6. Sticking Sets
  7. Boot And Rally Oi! Oi! Oi! Vol. 2
    by Vicious Mistress Records
    by Brutal Bravo
  9. Demo 2019
    by Faction S
  10. Dogs in the Fight - We Want Peace... But Are Ready For War!!!
    by Dogs In The Fight
  11. Morior Invictus
    by Junto
  12. Hang Up Your Boots
    by Out For Blood
    by NO-HEADS
  14. Victimized
    by Fatal Blow
  15. Hope Not Hate
    by Fatal Blow
  16. The Wolves EP
    by Vis Vires
  17. Oi! Lis'sen to this! Give Depression the Boot! Vol. 1
    by 8UP Records
  18. Split 12" w/ SABOTAGE
    by NO HEART
  19. Working Class Pride EP
  20. Thug Riot - Riot Ready Demo 2018
    by Thug Riot
  21. Hang Em High
    by The Hanging Judge
  22. Workin Class Life
    by The Old Breed
  23. RadiOi Compilation Vol​​.​​4
    by RadiOi Webradio
  24. RadiOi Compilation Vol​.​3
    by RadiOi Webradio
  25. Stomping Grounds
    by Stomping Grounds
  26. Demo
    by Stomping Grounds
    by NO HEART
  28. LSC018 - Béton Armé S/T
    by LSC Records
  29. LSC016 - Honour Guard - Demo EP
    by LSC Records
  30. LSC017 - City Ground - City Ground
    by LSC Records
  31. Boot And Rally Oi! Oi! Oi! Vol. 1
    by Vicious Mistress Records
  32. Shades of Fear
    by Disturbance
  33. Malice in Slumberland
    by Disturbance
  34. War of the Roses
    by Ultra Sect
  35. LSC015 - Force Majeure S/T
    by LSC Records
  36. 21 Gun Salute - Violence of Action
    by 21 Gun Salute
  37. American Oi! Texas Edition
    by V/A
  38. Carry On Tradition
    by Mob Mentality
  39. 2018 Sampler
    by The Brass
  40. Sons Of Tigers
  41. American Skinheads - Hooligan Justice & Mob Mentality
    by Mob Mentality
  42. This We'll Defend
    by Hooligan Justice
  43. Demo 2017
    by On The Ropes
  44. LP
    by Outreau
  45. Oi of the Tiger - s/t LP
    by Oi of the Tiger