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  1. Sounds Of Tokyo-To Future
    by 2 Mello
  2. Hylics 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Mason Lindroth & Chuck Salamone
  3. Alberto Balsam
    by Taylor Haskins
  4. Art of Rally Original Soundtrack
    by Tatreal
  5. Yasuke
    by Flying Lotus
  6. Memories Of Tokyo-To
    by 2 Mello
  7. Psyber
    by Mothership Loudspeakerz
    by Mothership Loudspeakerz
  9. WIREHEAD [Expansion Pack 02]
    by Mothership Loudspeakerz
  10. WIREHEAD [Expansion Pack 01]
    by Mothership Loudspeakerz
  11. FZ: Side Z
    by Various Artists
  12. FZ: Side F
    by Various Artists
  13. The Binding Of Isaac - Lullabies
    by Ridiculon
    Prodigium (Delirium Boss) Prodigium (Delirium Boss)
  14. Songs in the Key of Meat: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary
    by Ridiculon
    Hell Toupé (Hell Dark) Hell Toupé (Hell Dark)
  15. 龍神の夢 (Ryujin no Yume)
    by Marcus D
    dragon dance dragon dance
  16. Night in the Woods Vol. 2: Hold Onto Anything
    by Alec Holowka
    Rainy Day Rainy Day
  17. Night in the Woods Vol. 1: At The End Of Everything
    by Alec Holowka
    Astral Coal Town Astral Coal Town
  18. Fingered: Songs Inspired by the Ultimate Gaming Experience
    by Ridiculon
    Chisel Shaped Cake Chisel Shaped Cake
  19. Antibirth: OST
    by mudeth
    Ultimort (Chest) Ultimort (Chest)
    With this level of quality, it's almost hard to believe this came from a free community-made mod. No doubt a 10/10 soundtrack.