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  1. INP022 - Headwinds LP
    by Earl Grey
    Dega & Papi Dega & Papi
  2. Where The World Ends
    by Indian Wells
    Cascades Cascades
  3. Influence
    by FLUE
    Alive on Arrival feat. Audessey Alive on Arrival feat. Audessey
    This really pulls core trip-hop styles reminiscent of GA, Zero7, 4Hero, Weekend Players, Wicked Beat SS, all with live instrumentation. I can't help focusing most of my attention to the drumming. Great album. No InFLUEnce gags here.
  4. Codex VI
    by Shpongle
    Empty Branes Empty Branes
  5. Wallflower
    by Jordan Rakei
    Nerve Nerve
  6. A Change In State
    by James Yuill
    Cashews Cashews
    After listening to this record I can't decide if I prefer the folk elements more than the electro.
  7. Somewhere Between The Light
    by Nu:Logic
    Somewhere Between The Light (feat. Child Of Chief) Somewhere Between The Light (feat. Child Of Chief)
  8. Diplomatic Immunity
    by Client Liaison
    World Of Our Love World Of Our Love
    Incredible self produced debut. It reminds me of dad trawling through dot-matrix printed DEC VAX machine memory dump logs sipping his Houghton's White Classic watching the 7:30 report presented by Mary Delhuntly. Good times to be a kid.
  9. Emissary [Night Tide - NTTD003]
    by Albrecht La'Brooy
    Tempelhof Tempelhof
  10. Eventide
    by Albrecht La'Brooy
    Encounter (Midnight) Encounter (Midnight)
  11. Victim of Circumstance
    by Mayfield
    You Can't Love Me You Can't Love Me
  12. Separate | Migrate
    by The Kraken Quartet
    Chance The Dog (the song) Chance The Dog (the song)
  13. In Time
    by Time For Dreams
    Projects Projects
  14. Third Law
    by Rat & Co
    A.I. A.I.
  15. Sensorimotor
    by Lusine
    Just A Cloud (feat. Vilja Larjosto) Just A Cloud (feat. Vilja Larjosto)
  16. Theory of Colours
    by Dauwd
    Glass Jelly Glass Jelly
  17. Run Kitty Run
    by The Bombay Royale
    I Love You Love You I Love You Love You
  18. Groove Travels
    by Gerard Presencer
    Blues for Des Blues for Des
  19. The Hiding
    by Kacey Johansing
    Bow and Arrow Bow and Arrow
  20. Grand Ghosts
    by Kacey Johansing
    River River
  21. Corners LP
    by Naibu
    Corners Corners
  22. Nautiloid Quest
    by Nautilus
    Atlantis Atlantis
  23. Signals
    by The Echelon Effect
    Goodbye Sierra Goodbye Sierra
  24. The Question
    by Tulalah
    Time Time
    A change to the original line up has left little impact on the character of their sound. The arrangements are sublime; exploring dynamics, phrasing, focusing on the vocal harmonies, keeping the time signatures away from the conventional and letting other sections meander to relax the pace. And this is all I the first 3 track preview. The Flood, the best debut I've heard from a band in ages, will be hard to eclipse but I think they could pip it. Fingers crossed!
  25. Half Mile Harvest
    by The Teskey Brothers
    Crying Shame Crying Shame
    Deeply embedded southern Route 66 purist blues type sound with none of the reggae influences of their first album. It's bloody good. Everyone I've played it to have been very impressed despite their musical tastes. Great selection of amplification, mic'in and sound stage for recording. Ripper!
  26. The Teskey Brothers
    by The Teskey Brothers
    Call this pain Call this pain
    by HashFinger
  28. All The Troubled Hearts
    by Hiatus
    Nightjar Nightjar
  29. 1000001
    by SEAGULL
    all in good time all in good time
  30. Pulgas
    by Pulgas
    I Wanna Give You A Baby I Wanna Give You A Baby
    There's nothing quite like it. Terrifically odd.
  31. Ten Months
    by Forever Son
    Crumb Kitchen Crumb Kitchen
    RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Ray LaMontagne, Leah Senior. Beautifully full sounding folk record. The self harmonisation is incredible, and the restrain of just using the ride cymbal in Undone is mastery (I would have turned it into a full opus and let the drummer go sick, rookie mistake that would've been). Do yourself, and Forever Son, a favour...
  32. Deluxe EP
    by SunSquabi
    Pygmy Up Feat. Russ Liquid Pygmy Up Feat. Russ Liquid
  33. Paper Lotus
    by Benjamin Walsh
    Toumbi Toumbi
    An instrumental multi-faceted journey exploring genres using an interesting array of instruments all (mostly) built with jazz focused undertones without the constraint. The attention to rhythm and syncopation is synonymous with Ben's work; he has an interesting back catalog - but this is definitely his best work to date.
  34. Ant Orange - Arkupe
    by Ant Orange
    Little Wing Little Wing
  35. Yellow Ochre
    by Vels Trio
    Godzilla Godzilla
  36. Shinsekai
    by WaqWaq Kingdom
    I Would Like To Let You Go I Would Like To Let You Go
  37. Life Cycle
    by Keeno
    As One As One
    This album explores a few sub genres of D&B but when those chord progressions come alive it really shines. And I like shiny things. MedRecords/HospitalRecords still are at the forefront of releasing artists at the top of their game, so meet Keeno.
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  38. Nubya's 5ive
    by Nubya Garcia
    Lost Kingdoms Lost Kingdoms
  39. Lost In The Sea of Paradise
    by Other Places
    No Vibe Pipeline No Vibe Pipeline
  40. Dawn Chorus
    by Hidden Orchestra
    Still Still
  41. The Nature Of Light
    by Brenton Foster
    mx mx
    As with all good jazz records, this is best taken during the quieter times in the evening to drown out the city sounds. It's an album that sits in the background, yet you can lean in and take notice of all the emotional intricacies of the piano phrasing and allow the music lead you where ever you want.
  42. Pola & Bryson - This Time Last Year LP (SV024)
    by Pola & Bryson
    Talk To Me ft. Tayah Ettienne Talk To Me ft. Tayah Ettienne
  43. Two Cities
    by Brenton Foster
    Stevens Street Stevens Street
    Fabulous jazz featuring terrific phrasing and common structure themes per track and always returning to that theme after some quality divergence. He's got a newie on the way too. My RSD2017 contribution of sorts.
  44. 24 Hours in Lapa
    by Tamil Rogeon
    De Manhã (feat. Heidi Vogel) De Manhã (feat. Heidi Vogel)
  45. Looking For Knives
    by DYAN
    Another Way To Lose Another Way To Lose