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  1. Deathscapes I-III
    by .mp3neptune
    Deathscape I: Oxycodone Deathscape I: Oxycodone
    i love my husband. deathscape I: oxycodone is the platonic ideal of what echojams should be, imo.
  2. New Life Now
    by Tsunxmi
  3. Oversized Novelty Tape
    by Sarin
  4. Nervous Prayers
    by Sweat Boys
  5. Finally Some Action
    by Finally Some Action
  6. Heavy Black Heart
    by death's dynamic shroud
  7. I'll Miss You, Starship One
    by .mp3Neptune
    As We Dance Under the Light of Messier 81. . . As We Dance Under the Light of Messier 81. . .
    Even if I wasn't dating you this album would still be a landmark achievement, for *anyone*. It's absolutely stunning.
  8. Pulse Demon
    by Merzbow
    My Station Rock My Station Rock
    The absolute standard for harsh noise. Fucking intense, psychedelic oceans of static.
  9. Pharma
    by Nmesh
    White Lodge Simulation White Lodge Simulation
    Transcendent psychedelectronic vaporwave from the modern master of tripped-out vapor-flavored plunderphonics himself. This, along with his other two records, are best described as the "Lifeforms" of vaporwave. Which is a compliment I know Alex would appreciate. Much love. 9/10.
  10. I'll Try Living Like This
    by death's dynamic shroud
    혼자 남은 지금 꼴이 혼자 남은 지금 꼴이
    One of the most insane, catchy, glitchy, dreamy vaporwave releases. Proud of my boys in dds.wmv (It's still .wmv to ME dammit!) for putting out this, the first of their three consecutive perfect albums, on vinyl.
  11. Spring Rain
    by Daniel Saylor
    The Days Have Passed The Days Have Passed
    Kaleidoscopic jazz-fusion in freefall; footwork drums with horn sections skittering back and forth; possibly one of my favorite Bedlam Tapes yet. 9/10.
  12. Ephemera
    by Tsunxmi
    Ozymandias Ozymandias
    Hey I made this album that's neat. If you're reading this, thank you for listening. LP4 coming 2018 on Bludhoney. Stay tuned.
  13. no lives matter
    by chris†††
    i am death i am death
    Collages of fragmented new wave give way to profoundly emotional poignancy. The best Bedlam Tape so far. 10/10.
  14. ルートバックホーム
    by Remember
    トランスミッション Transmission (ft. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者) トランスミッション Transmission (ft. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者)
    One of my favorite albums, maybe of all time. Absolute perfection. Gorgeous fucking album.
  15. SICK OF IT
    by RIG TIME!
    the best heavy album of the year. #defendnuviolence
    if you're sleeping on these guys, you are seriously missing out on one of the best heavy bands of this decade.
  16. Damaged Interface
    by Rashida Prime
  17. Juggernaut
    by Goldface
  18. Calculus
    by Rashida Prime
  19. A Night On the Town
    by VAV-31
  20. ハートエイクに歩い
    by Remember
    ハートエイクに歩い ハートエイクに歩い
    a beautiful melancholic walk through london - or perhaps kyoto - with themes of heartbreak. the first track is monolithic, a side-length slab of slowly-evolving dreampunk perfection. the rest of the album, slightly more upbeat, is also amazing.