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  1. The Thing
    by Sulphur Nurse
  2. Roopkund
    by Sulphur Nurse
  3. Shriek
    by Lou Kelly...and Friends
  4. Chimaera
    by Phrenelith
  5. Carnivore
    by Barbarian
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    by Big Chef
  7. The Generation Of Danger
    by Tallah
  8. daydream flowers
    by a rose dying in the rain, sadness
    by Jakey
  10. Motionless, watching you
    by Sadness
    God I love this project. this is some of the best stuff from Sandess yet.
  11. tortuga
    by Sadness
  12. I Hate Stuart Little
    by I Hate Stuart Little
  13. Induction
    by KVOLT
  14. Downer Part 1
    by ten56.
    Boy Boy
    one of the dirtiest fucking things I've ever heard and its beautiful.
  15. Break the Cell
    by headcave
  16. Nylist
    by Nylist
  17. Nylist 666 (666 Vocalist World Record Track)
    by Nylist
  18. Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers
    by The Sound That Ends Creation
  19. Not Dead Yet
    by Jakey
  20. april sunset
    by Sadness