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  1. Speakeasy - 10 Years of Swinging on the Other Side of the Pond
    by Speakeasy Electro Swing
    Straight To The Moon Straight To The Moon
  2. Times Square (Electro Swing Mix)
    by Swing Sonix
  3. Dance (To Save Your Soul) - Electro Swing Radio Mix
    by Swing Sonix
  4. lo-bit music of the fairy tale insane
    by maru
    electric machine forces(full.ver) electric machine forces(full.ver)
  5. 太郎物怪録異聞
    by TAROLIN
    狐火夜行 -uraboroshi's 8-bit fairytale- 狐火夜行 -uraboroshi's 8-bit fairytale-
  6. Machine
    by Boogie Belgique
    Machine Machine
  7. Anthropomorphosis
    by Aquellex
    The Candy Corn Witch The Candy Corn Witch
  8. Last Trip
    by pouale
    Dementia Dance Dementia Dance
  9. Bunny Hop
    by pouale
    Zealous Tide Zealous Tide
  10. Vandereer
    by El Huervo
    Irreversible Irreversible
  11. A Thing With Feathers
    by El Huervo
    Tendrils Brood Tendrils Brood
  12. Turf [Single]
    by El Huervo
    Diamonds Diamonds
  13. Daisuke [Single]
    by El Huervo
    Daisuke Daisuke
  14. The Setup [Single]
    by El Huervo
    The Setup The Setup
  15. Le Temps
    by El Huervo
    Erosion Erosion
  16. Flammarion
    by El Huervo
    Tre Skovlar Mull Tre Skovlar Mull
  17. Rust b/w Ghost
    by El Huervo
    Rust Rust
  18. ... Where You Must Rest Your Weary Bones
    by El Huervo
    Equipped Equipped
  19. World's End
    by El Huervo
    Air Air
  20. Sambandh
    by El Huervo, Ratvader
    Kali Kali