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  1. From Silence to Somewhere
    by Wobbler
  2. Nattfiolen
    by Jordsjø
  3. Neither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection Of Big Suites)
    by Regal Worm
  4. Use And Ornament
    by Regal Worm
  5. Zopp
    by Zopp
  6. Day Of Light
    by Constantine
  7. Reprisen und Instrumentalstuecke
    by JAHRTAL
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  8. Ahwar
    by Nadah El Shazly
  9. The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit
    by ANTA
    I purchased The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit on two different occasions. First mp3 and later when I totally got in love with this album CD came. Fantastic work. Interesting mixture of psychedelic music and symphonic prog. Unfortunately after this album the bend changed direction and very anticipated second album came as a big disappointment to me.
    Super ultra highly recommended.
    Mark: 9/10

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  10. A child in the mirror
    by Ciccada
    This is the very first album by this Greek band. Amazing symphonic rock. I think the band hits its peak with this first album. The quality of music is so high it will be very difficult to make something better than this. Compositions and arrangements are flawless. Sound is fantastic. No weak moment. Album like this comes to the world once every ten years. My only problem is the cover art. Very generic and plain yet it houses masterpiece.
    Mark 10/10
  11. The finest of miracles
    by Ciccada
  12. Hooffoot
    by Hooffoot
  13. The Lights In the Aisle Will Guide You
    by Hooffoot
  14. English Electric (part one) hi resolution audio
    by Big Big Train
    Big Big Train-English Electric

    At the beginning of the seventh decade of the last century England gave the world amazing roster of symphonic rock bands. Those bands created timeless music that influenced so many other bands around the world. The staple of their sound was huge array of keyboards, concept albums, complicated arrangements, long songs and of course Mellotron. They were so good in what they were doing that symphonic rock bands of today need to be very original if they do not want to be labeled as Genesis knockoff for example. Big Big Train almost succeeded in that quest. There is still little bit of Genesis in their music but nothing to be ashamed of. BB Train definitely has its own sound
    and creative potential and it is coming from England the birthplace of symphonic rock. This album could be the peak of their career and it is beautiful peace of music that I highly recommend.


    Recommend listening after English Electric: Par Lindh Project-Gothic Impressions
  15. Somnambule
    by Ars de Er
  16. Noir
    by Ars de Er
  17. Fièvre
    by Ars de Er
  18. TORO
    by DDENT
  19. Chien Noir
    by DDENT
  20. Chest
    by Nels Cline Trio