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  1. Turning Dragon
    by Clark
    For Wolves Crew For Wolves Crew
    My enjoyment of this fluctuates a LOT from day to day.

    Sometimes I feel like this is the perfect companion to Body Riddle, almost like the yang to its yin...

    ...and sometimes I just straight up find it boring.

    The one track I never stopped loving is For Wolves Crew, probably because the last section sounds most like Body Riddle.

    Hi Waves
  2. imaoto
    by Radu Malfatti/Klaus Filip
  3. Wendorlan
    by Squarepusher
  4. Dostrotime
    by Squarepusher
  5. diamond night
    by secat
  6. Please, Don't Touch Anything OST
    by blinch
    Awaiting Input Awaiting Input
    No bad track here. Should be more well known.

    This album stands as one of the best indie soundtracks if you ask me
  7. Recorded Xenoglossy
    by Takahiro Kawaguchi
    Very strange album. It's very entertaining hearing these instruments going in and out of sync, like they're in a race
  8. Submachine Complete
    by The Thumpmonks
    S03 Main S03 Main
    So much to say.

    The extended versions of songs are more than welcome, the extended loop theme especially. It really feels like being lost.

    SN-Abby for me is the Submachine main theme (or at least the submachine: Legacy main theme) because it play in between chapters and fills in the gaps between every game.

    SF-Memory has the SF-Jukebox melody quietly playing in the background, which is brilliant.

    I was drawn to SN-Time division B since The Wonky Angle didn't like it, but I loved it lol
  9. HiLo
    by Jack Stauber
    It's Alright It's Alright
    Besides a couple tracks, everything is perfect here, and It's Alright is somehow more than perfect
  10. Of This World + Remixes
    by Electric Sound Bath
    Formations Formations
    New age goodness. Thanks a lot to the creators for sending us some (literal) gems along with the cassettes lol
  11. LP5
    by Autechre
    Drane2 Drane2
    By far the most emotional Autechre album. It's amazing how these pieces have such a cold, "digital" feel yet still manage to be so moving.

    Drane2 makes me want to cry
  12. Future Deli
    by Dere Moans
    a moment for hygiene a moment for hygiene
    A very weird album that juggles with a lot of themes. Video games, old broadcasts... food, for some reason ? Although it successfully pulls all of these off.

    A moment for hygiene is funny
  13. Circo Pobre
    by Passepartout Duo
    Part IV Part IV
    Awsome set. Would LOVE to hear this live. The third part might be boring to some, it almost doesn't change for way too long.

    The rest is just beautiful, and makes excellent use of the unique chromaplane instrument.
  14. a dereliction
    by Dere Moans
    false optimus false optimus
    Weird, weird album. It's his most frantic album, but it's also suprisingly cohesive as a whole. This album tells a story using sped up samples, quick cuts and occasional moments of calmness to catch your breath, a story that eventually reaches its climax with the epic "False Optimus" before getting blasted away into nothingness.
  15. Inglorious Deathsounds Mixtape
    by Dere Moans
    Side Two Side Two
    Technology is a tool.

    This is a lot to take in. I almost never listen to an entire side, let alone both of them. I usually just skip to my favourite parts. But you should still listen to the whole thing at least once.
  16. Dazzle append
    by Saitone
  17. Sine Sleep Session EP [FD-DIG 007]
    by Saitone
  18. Top
    by Lasse Marhaug/Jérôme Noetinger
    02 - 005 02 - 005
    Literally the best noise album i've ever heard. If you think you don't like noise please at least listen to "005"
  19. Geogaddi
    by Boards of Canada
  20. The Elephant's Garden Original Soundtrack
    by RED.M