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  1. We Won't Make It Home
    by HEGY
  2. Cataclysm
    by Redshift
  3. Seeds of Change
    by Syberia
  4. Trust/Fall
    by Colin Phils
    Frenemies Frenemies
    Joyful mix of quirkiness, emotion, and heavy riffs. Tons of fun to listen to - every layer contributes and does something unique.
  5. epitaphs
    by Obscure Sphinx
    Nothing Left Nothing Left
    Heavy, raw, and yet detached and pondering at the same time. Every part complements all of the others, and each sound carefully evokes an intended emotion.
  6. Kaiho
    by KAUAN
    Kasvot Kasvot
    Light piano, pad, and strings weave melodies both dark and bright through an atmospheric record. Sorrow and beauty collide to form a musical journey through wintry forests.
  7. ...And All The Fear We Left Behind
    by At The Grove
    Where The Penguins Go Where The Penguins Go
    Weird, quirky, and delightful mix of metal, jazz, and ambient flavorful styles.
  8. The Great Silence
    by Ohgod
    Pylons Pylons
    A smooth sea of sound alternating with blissful rhythmic grooves. Equally demands your attention with brilliant riffs and sends your mind on a spiraling meditative trip with soothing ambience.
  9. Rujnuj
    by Dzivia
    Pamierlyja Božyšča (Dead Deities) Pamierlyja Božyšča (Dead Deities)
    Powerful Slavic ethnic metal with orchestral flair. Wide range of presentation and emotion.
  10. Distancer
    by Hiatus
    People In Buildings People In Buildings
    Ambient, introspective, and haunting melodies are woven in rich acoustic textures. Simultaneously a blend of exploratory progression and fond nostalgia.
  11. Herskin
    by Herskin
    Gratiam Redit Gratiam Redit
    Jazz, blues, rock - all of these, but more than the sum of its parts. Wide range of emotional spectrum with subtle keys, solid rhythms, and distinctive riffs depicting a journey across the human experience.
  12. Void Mother
    by Obscure Sphinx
    Lunar Caustic Lunar Caustic
    Heavy, varied, mournful, melodic and dissonant simultaneously. Artful crafting of sound into story.
  13. Grievous
    by Convulsing
    Strewn/Adrift Strewn/Adrift
  14. LUN
    by Destiny Potato
    Indifferent Indifferent
  15. Lose Yourself to Find Peace
    by Trna
    Gale Gale
  16. Errata
    by Convulsing
    Dis Dis
    Heavy and heart-wrenching. Grabs you by the throat and screams at you while it cries out. Almost an ambient take on metal at times. Plus a great cover of a Porcupine Tree song.
  17. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire
    Involuntary Doppelganger Involuntary Doppelganger
    Kicks your face in at machine gun speed, shreds your eardrums with precision rhythms, and throws a little bit of jazz in at the end.
  18. Passage Of Gaia
    by Arctic Sleep
    The Staircase The Staircase
    I bought this album on impulse after listening to the first track. Perfect tone and crushingly heavy but surprisingly emotional riffs.
  19. Sorni Nai
    by KAUAN
    kit kit
    Haunting juxtaposition of doom metal, rock and symphonic. The album itself plays like one song, with masterful transitions over a wide range of emotions and sounds. Music transcends language barriers, so buy even if you don't speak Finnish.
  20. Narrowband
    by Stemage
    Amulet Amulet
    I've been a Stemage fan since 2009 when I discovered Metroid Metal. This is an incredible piece that you should add to your collection if you enjoy beautiful, inspired instrumental metal.