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    by genCAB
  2. Love in the Void
    by Hammock
  3. Stranger Times
    by Life on Venus
    so good. can't wait to hear more
  4. Ether
    by cathedral bells
  5. Deeper Than Static
    by Boy is Fiction
  6. Sonic Poetry
    by Gimmik
  7. For Ukraine (Volume 1)
    by Various Artists
  8. Chasing Ghosts
    by Stabbing Westward
    first of all this album is fantastic. like way beyond my expectations. second I was expecting the exact same versions of the songs on the dead and gone ep. they are not. love this.
    - a long time SW fan
    by genCAB
  10. Elsewhere
    by Hammock
    Afraid to Go Home Afraid to Go Home
    I'll be honest. when I heard the singles and realized this album was going to be wordless and beatless I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping for hammock to return to their shoegaze/post-rock mode. but now that I've heard the whole album I'm absolutely blown away. Afraid To Go Home, in it's washes of delay, is beauty beyond words. the masters of guitar centric "ambient" have returned and it's something to behold.
  11. I Am Nothing
    by Stabbing Westward
  12. This Light
    by Stray Theories
  13. Connections
    by Ocoeur
  14. telinit 6
    by Access to Arasaka
  15. Day By Day JUNE 2021 LP
    by SPC ECO
    anytime I try to describe the music Dean makes in any of his projects, the thing that always comes into my head is "cool". and that's exactly what this is. fucking cool. hope you make music forever. much love to both of you.
  16. Bloods, Side A
    by Man Without Country
  17. Flow
    by Ex-Confusion
  18. Silencia
    by Hammock
  19. Fuck Content
    by Greg Puciato
  20. Longest Year (2020)
    by Hammock
    I still remember sitting in my parents kitchen, I was sick and staying with them for a few months, opening the album to see the Thomas Petillo photo. I put the disc in and all the pain I was experiencing was taken away. I had no idea it would be an ambient release. It became a staple in my headphones. I can't count how many times it helped me sleep. In a very stressful time in my life, it was such a comfort. I cant wait to put this on my record player and experience that peace once again.