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  1. Achievement
    by pilotredsun
  2. Not Dead Yet
    by Jakey
  3. Moby Dick
    by Jakey
  4. Medium
    by Jakey
  5. Cafeteria
    by Jakey
  6. South Dakota
    by Jakey
  7. Saintlike
    by Jakey
  8. My Little Ghost
    by kidkanevil
  9. Oobopopop
    by VALAIRE
  10. A/D
    by LORN
  11. Spirit
    by mrsimon
    What a trip man, what a musical trip !
  12. Forever Rain
    by Bertrand Eluerd
    The Airport Incident The Airport Incident
    Haunting. Haunting . h aut i ng.. ha u. t i .. . n . . .
  13. ElectroChipDiscoPop [EP]
    by 2080
  14. Weightless
    by Pogo
  15. Fated
    by Nosaj Thing
    Medic Medic
  16. The Elephant's Garden Original Soundtrack
    by RED.M
  17. Wand Wars Soundtrack
    by Bogdan Rybak
  18. Super Parquet
    by Super Parquet
  19. Pixeljams Volume 2
    by Various
    Spirex Spirex
  20. Frog and the Volcano!
    by Frog Pocket
  21. Zirconium Meconium
    by Fever The Ghost
    Long Tall Stranger Long Tall Stranger
    There is something going on about this group. Something between the psychedeliness of MGMT and a cryogenized surf band from the 70's. It's like a gigantic rainbow octopus that expands in every possible direction, feeling every music genre with its tentacles. Awesome vision right ?
  22. Retroactive
    by Theatre Of Delays
    Wild In The Streets Wild In The Streets
    J'ai toujours eu un problème avec cette obsession du sample parfait. Celui qu'on peut remettre en boucle 15 fois, sur lequel on peut construire tout un édifice musical sans que jamais rien ne paraisse de traviolle... "Wild In The Streets" se base sur l'un de ces samples.
  23. Kindred Shadow
    by Pogo
    Ode For Lovers Ode For Lovers
    This album might be the most complete work Pogo has released to this date. His music does not need any video to shine by itself, and is sure full of love & passion :) thank you Pogo !
    about "Ode for Lovers": the softness of this track always touches me... Funny when you know some of the sounds come from Sponge Bob :p
  24. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
    Dorma Dorma
    J'ai découvert cette piste avant le reste de l'album, et c'est une de celles qui me frappe encore le plus aujourd'hui lorsque j'écoute l'album chez moi :)
    Une rencontre artistique évidente, à écouter !
    by LORN
    Pumping my veins and scratching my soul... this track... i wonder when it'll stop to (a)maze me.
  26. DinoRubbish MegaBundle
    by Pixeljam / Slakinov
    Volcano (Dino Run SE OST) Volcano (Dino Run SE OST)
    and genious music bundle as a whole !