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Douglas Jenkinson

  1. Pretoria, South Africa
  2. Metal
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  1. Cast The First Stone
    by Ion Dissonance
    Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go
  2. Odyssey to the Gallows
    by Slice The Cake
    Odyssey to the Gallows Odyssey to the Gallows
  3. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
    Unending Waltz Unending Waltz
  4. The Man With No Face
    by Slice The Cake
    As Written In Pnakotus As Written In Pnakotus
    This is an absolutely epic album. I had to buy it as soon as I heard it, and it's been on repeat now for two days. Great production and ridiculously heavy!
  5. Forms Unknown
    Inward Inward
  6. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    Owls Owls
    This album is just proggy noms, loved the mix of groove and ambience! You should buy it right damn now!
  7. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
    Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track
  8. Wizards N' Shit
    by Alan Smithee
    Regime on Wholesale Regime on Wholesale
    It's got wizards n shizzle! Great album, chaotic and heavy, yet whimsical and catchy! Well worth a couple of dollars!
  9. The Collapse
    by Frontierer
    The Spiral The Spiral
    We have a saying in South Africa, this is "poes (puss) heavy". So tastily chaotic, loved it from the moment I pressed play! This band deserves more support.
  10. Acolytes Eternal
    by A Loathing Requiem
    The Mortal's Harvest The Mortal's Harvest
    This is just insane technical death metal, but ever so catchy. Solid writing and production. Remarkable achievement for a one man project. I had to buy it immediately.
  11. The Reject of Humanity
    by I, Valiance
    Part 4: Gods Mouth Part 4: Gods Mouth
    No words for the brilliance of this album. It a piece of art that sucks you in and takes you through a journey of terror, djentdeath and electronica. 5/5 must own.
  12. 8
    Depression Depression
    I was always a little disappointed with the quality of the original, so this was an awesome gift from the band. On top of that, it features the proper lineup, and it's a masterpiece journey through heavy soundscapes.
  13. Titan
    by Anup Sastry
    Titan Titan
  14. Timelessness
    by SERDCE
    Unique Path Unique Path
  15. The Didact
    by Means End
    Candle In The Dark Candle In The Dark
  16. Song of the Crippled Bull
    by Black Crown Initiate
    Stench of the Iron Age Stench of the Iron Age
    Brilliant writing, brilliant production, brilliant performance. Very fresh sounding progressive death metal, highly recommend this.
  17. Ghost
    by Anup Sastry
    The Boss Level The Boss Level
    It's everything I have been looking for out of an instrumental metal album, with a unique sharpness due to Sastry's production style. On top of that, it's brilliantly written.
  18. Humanity's Last Breath
    by Humanity's Last Breath
    Bellua Pt1 Bellua Pt1
    Disgustingly heavy, at first I was annoyed because I thought it sounded too much like Vildhjarta, but after a few listens, the rabbit hole just kept getting deeper. For fans of the heaviest music out there.
  19. Supreme Truth
    by SHOKRAN
    Sands Of Time Sands Of Time
    Brilliant album, felt disjointed at first, but after many listens, the flow started to make a lot more sense. Very technical and awesome production aside for the rhythm guitars which I felt are a bit too inside the mix.