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  2. Electronic
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  1. Youth & Gaudi - Stratosphere
    by Liquid Sound Design
  2. Distanced
    by Sudden Reverb
  3. SUB SIGNALS Vol.2
    by Selected and Mixed by Gaudi
  4. DF Tram - Serenitay Infinitay (Versions and Variations)
    by DF Tram
    From the 1st time I heard DF Tram's music I was hooked
    Catchy samples and tunes lusciously mixed together in a way that only The Orb could match.
    This album is a fitting tribute to the successful Serenity infinitay with remixes by mix master Morris of Irresistible Force, Panelectric, Supercozi, Youth of Killing joke and many more (just look down the track listing).
    It's a beautiful album at any time of the day but chill with your favourite tipple in the evening and the album comes alive.
    5 star
  5. Hvolf
    by Stereo Hypnosis
    Tangar Tangar
    From the 1st track I heard off this album I was hooked
    Tangar is one of the most heavenly euphoric tracks since Enos ending ascent
  6. Version Excursion - Selected By Don Letts
    by Late Night Tales
    Yasushi Ide – ‘Ain't No Sunshine’ (Space Dub Mix) (Exclusive remix) – Originally recorded by Bill Withers Yasushi Ide – ‘Ain't No Sunshine’ (Space Dub Mix) (Exclusive remix) – Originally recorded by Bill Withers
    More slick tracks than you could shake a stick at. Some absolutely beautiful remixes of old favourites and a must for anybody that loves the dub
    Perfect Sunday arvo chill material
    As Mr T would say "quit the jibber jabber and go buy it ya crazy fool"
  7. SUB SIGNALS Vol.1 - Selected and Mixed by Gaudi
    by .
    Sub Oslo - Prisoner Of Dub Sub Oslo - Prisoner Of Dub
  8. Distance
    by Gaudi & Grouch (Iboga Records)
  9. Test Drive
    by Black Gauge
    Wise Old Owl Wise Old Owl
  10. interlopers
    by Josh Sager
  11. V.H.S. Volcanic / Harmonic / Sounds
    by Buspin Jieber
  12. ENNIO MORRICONE in Dub. (The Good, The Dub and The Ugly)
    by LAB DUB
  13. Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty pt.3: The Orb Remix Project
    by Liquid Sound Design
  14. Sailors of the Sky
    by Canopy of Stars
    Discovered this beautiful album at 3am one morning and instantly fell in love. The album gets you at track one and continues its serene journey all the way through to the end.
    Sweet bird sounds and space chatter combined with subtlety calming layers of euphoric frequencies all blended to perfection.
    A great album for long scenic journeys or just chilling on a beanbag on a Sunday afternoon. 10/10
  15. Black Rabbit
    by Prince Fatty, Shniece Mcmenamin
  17. Underhill
    by Black Gauge
  18. DF Tram - Lovers Radio EP
    by Liquid Sound Design
    Lovers Radio (DF Tram's Ambient Mix) Lovers Radio (DF Tram's Ambient Mix)
    Fresher than a sea breeze on a sunny day, Trams Lovers radio gets a wax and polish from some of the best known names in the industry.
    Lovely stuff 👍
  19. Utopia Machine
    by Spirit Level
  20. Robert Elster - Endless Observations
    by Robert Elster