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  1. i saw down (further)
    by draag me
  2. i am gambling with my life
    by draag me
  3. Slide
    by George Clanton
  4. pleasure suck
    by the spirit of the beehive
  5. Empty Country
    by Empty Country
  6. Suffering Is A Gift
    by portrayal of guilt
  7. 24/7 (feat. June Pastel)
    by castle og
  8. Hypnic Jerks
    by the spirit of the beehive
  9. Smell Smoke
    by Vundabar
  10. Loss Memory
    by Coma Cinema
  11. No Trick / Chanel
    by castle og
  12. Trance
    by castle og
  13. B O S S B A T T L E
    by sleepyboy
    halo cup halo cup
  14. the weed spot
    by xanax princess
  15. Before A Million Universes
    by Big Ups
  16. As It Were
    by Marietta
  17. The Light
    by Soft Fangs
  18. Golden
    by Soft Fangs