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  1. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  2. Nothing as the Ideal
    by All Them Witches
  3. The Space Between The Trees
    by Wozniak
    Twin Sirens Twin Sirens
    Wozniak pack a lot of ideas into this release, impressively mixing melancholy shoegaze with emotive fuzz and powerful vigour. The EP ends with experimental noise making and plentiful effects – it all works well, and is very mature in tone and execution.
  4. Aidan Knight
    by Aidan Knight
  5. The Task Eternal
    At their best MRS are an almost unstoppable force, powering their way forward with evocative compositions that mix strength and beauty with ease. My faves here are REACTS and CRAZY HEARTH – songs that achieve great balance and intensity: gateways to another world.
  6. APEX III ( Praise for the Burning Soul )
    An album that evolves and improves as it unfolds, there's plenty of entertaining space/stoner/psych moments here to enjoy. Mars Red Sky's sound is irresistibly solid, expressively stylish and progressive.
  7. Part Time Punks
    by Slowness
    Berlin Berlin
    Awesome live recording of songs from previous Slowness albums. The great sound captured here highlights their accomplished arrangements – lush and characterful, I never tire of hearing these tunes.
  8. Departures
    by Wired to Follow
    Plainclothesman Plainclothesman
    From the moody simplicity of the opening tracks to the short and sweet finale, this EP offers a soundtrack experience of thoughtful serenity. Decidedly chilled and highly atmospheric, it offers fluctuating states of awareness.
  9. Samalas LP
    by Mote
    Hollow (bonus track) Hollow (bonus track)
    One of the best 'new' bands I've fortunately had the pleasure of listening to recently, Mote's brand of brooding, melodic rock captures attention immediately. Urgent and aggressive in parts, this album has a gritty psych drone that delivers many sublime moments. Great songwriting and production – love it.
  10. Waves
    by Pray For Sound
    Spiral Spiral
    Very enjoyable album of adventurous post-rock from PFS – bright in mood and diverse in its style, it contains many pleasing highlights. Creative touches show off these rather complex compositions, delivering meaningful dynamics that ride and then punch through the rising wave of sound.
  11. Years
    by The Telewire
    Stop Bringing Up The Past Stop Bringing Up The Past
    Very pleasing EP of bright dreampop/alt rock from The Telewire, full of catchy melodies and intelligent arrangements. The sound is dense with mood and texture – something that always produces a great atmosphere and 'spacey' style of energy.
  12. EP #4
    by Movie Brain
    burial grounds burial grounds
    Always smooth and enjoyable, Movie Brain's output never fails to satisfy. Catchy yet relaxed, there's a warm rhythm in these songs that sweeps you along without a care, free to breathe and experience their fine, harmonious qualities.
  13. The Balance of Nature Shifted
    by Foot
    Green Embers Green Embers
    Foot's robust hard rock/grunge blend fuses sounds and styles from bands you likely already love, however, they've got their own strength of performance to offer, despite the many similarities. Killer riffs, harmony vocals, intent – plenty of tasty meat on these bones.
  14. WYHH
    by Sun of Man
    SoM don't really do anything other than awesome, and this is another tune showcasing their genuine musical talent. A song of different stages, it builds from an alt-rock mellowness into a jamming sonic assault with fine lead and rhythm guitar.
  15. Feel No Pain
    by Dead End Thoughts
    Invisibility Invisibility
    Grinding, heavy sludge/doom full of depth and gritty texture. The repetitive rhythms are bold and very weighty, punctuated by powerful riffs that never lack punch or menace. Solid stuff.
  16. Hidden Noise
    by Hidden Noise
    Lied Lied
    Great compilation album of fantastic Aussie alternative rock. Plenty of variety in the psych/stoner sounds from some very talented artists – not a dud track to be found, and you'll most likely find some new favourites to follow.
  17. Great Distances
    by leaving richmond
    What About Now ft. A Sanborne What About Now ft. A Sanborne
    Relaxed electronic tunes featuring a nice amount of tension and energy. A lot to like here, with a healthy variety in sounds and tempo, and approaches to making music, throughout the album. Another winner from leaving richmond.
  18. Bystanders
    by Besides
    Simon's ohel Simon's ohel
    Moving in its instrumental compositions and pacing, Bystanders directly confronts the true horrors of Auschwitz – the shadow of history delivering personal emotion. Mature music with a message for all who choose to look the other way in these dark times.
  19. Mount Pleasant
    by Solkyri
    Potemkin Potemkin
    Hard to pick a favourite when all of the tracks are this strong, as Solkyri have smashed it out of the park with this release. Variety, excitement, momentum – everything I want to hear in my music, and more. Do yourself a favour!
  20. these are not your dreams (EP trilogy)
    by sleepmakeswaves