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  1. Trilogy
    by Arcade Messiah
    Black Tree Black Tree
  2. Courage Reels
    by Wozniak
    Super Panther Super Panther
  3. Hard Light
    by Atra Aeterna
    A Grace Odyssey A Grace Odyssey
  4. AEON
    Repeat|Static|Movement Repeat|Static|Movement
  5. Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord
    by Judd Madden
    Invoke the Current Invoke the Current
  6. The Telewire
    by The Telewire
    Right Where I Belong Right Where I Belong
    Awesome 5-track release from The Telewire that will certainly receive plenty of plays from me. Smart and spacey, these powerpop/indie rock tunes are majestically ambitious and expansive, rewarding those with an ear for something just a little bit different.
  7. The Lonely Sea & The Sky
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
    Without You Near Without You Near
    Great new album of supercool shoegazey fuzz with plenty of neat changes in style. There's numerous standout tracks to be found on here – each with its own character, momentum and purpose.
  8. Manyana
    by Grün
    Antarctica Antarctica
    Another exciting and dynamic collection of songs from Grün – long overdue! These Sydney guys know how to write a tune or two; the compositions here show great pacing, power and intelligence. Something new to discover on every listen.
  9. Ancient Youth
    by Double Echo
    Rural Rural
    Lively 5-track release of brisk tunes from Double Echo. There's some interesting variation and general experimentation in sound and style going on here: it's still the expected (and enjoyable) formula, but newer dimensions are entering the scene.
  10. Live on Earth
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    Enter the Zigurat (live) Enter the Zigurat (live)
    Stirring live performance from Sergeant Thunderhoof – a band that brings great energy to their shows and delivers a powerful sound. Excellent recording that shows off their many talents.
  11. How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain
    by Slowness
    Anon, part III Anon, part III
    This absorbing album begins and ends with highlights: firstly, the spirited indie pop of 'Mountain', and then the magnificent four-part journey of 'Anon' – an extended sequence of dreamy, emotional music of such scope and beauty that it's fully deserving of high praise.
  12. EPisode I: Pilot
    by Tuna de Tierra
    Ash Ash
    Stoner rock with deep, slow grooves and a genuine sense of place. The dry desert heat from the cover image spiritually permeates these tracks – it's a real, tactile and desirable element. Expressive vocals and an attentive production style add to the quality. Great stuff.
  13. Trick or Thriller
    by Kimono Lights
    Revolva Revolva
    Indie rock from Italy that excites with its directness, positive energy and considered pop style. All eight tracks are highly enjoyable and each adds its own individual flavour to the band's admirable sound. Will be on high rotation!
  14. Colors Fade in Me
    by City of the Lost
    The Key The Key
    These Russian progressive rockers certainly know how to maintain a powerful and dynamic style – their thoughtfully robust compositions on this EP contain a flow and vitality that continues to impress mightily. Every moment is high quality and extremely enjoyable.
  15. Soma
    by Movie Brain
    Azure Azure
    More enjoyable sun-drenched pop gems from Movie Brain, featuring a relaxed lo-fi sound that hints at new horizons, whilst still warmly welcoming for all those already on this musical journey.
  16. Sow The Wind
    by Wucan
    Wandersmann Wandersmann
    Wucan's first EP, Vikarma, was a great introduction to the fusion of genres that collide to form their great sound. This absolutely storming album adds so much more to the mix – any track here will quickly impress with style and substance. A masterful release.
  17. Pure Love
    by Blossom
    Half Head Half Head
    Not just for our canine friends, this is 25 minutes of blissful brilliance for any ear! Perfect alt-rock energy and indie style with plenty of glorious fuzz and thick feedback. Pure sonic joy.
  18. The Not Found
    by Wind Atlas
    Oblation Oblation
    Ethereal voices float above hauntingly mystical soundscapes on 'The Not Found' – an album of many intriguing discoveries. The slow, heavy rhythms often have a resonating tribal quality, and the compositions weave their way along many mysterious pathways.
  19. Balance
    by Lorelle Meets the Obsolete
    The Sound of All Things The Sound of All Things
    Vibrantly inventive and nuanced in ways not previously heard, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete crank up their oeuvre with a level of fidelity and polish that advances their sound without completely trashing their history. The influences are many and varied, and each gets a glorious moment here to shine.
  20. For Those Who Wish to See the Glass Half Full
    by Slowness
    Wired Wired
    Drenched in a heavy dreampop atmosphere and featuring a relaxed collection of fine melodies, Slowness deliver an airy and uplifting album that will warm your soul. It's a magical sound that suggests many influences, but calmly creates its own unique identity.
  21. Darkmoonwhiteout
    by Pale Sun
    Frozen In Time Frozen In Time
    Great to see Jeff back with a new project – Pale Sun features plenty of his usual song structures and washes of hypnotic guitar, but now with an extra dimension (or three). This sound style never gets stale or feels tired to my ears.
  22. Neon Glow EP
    by Blurred City Lights
    Circles Circles
    Quality EP with an effortless cool supported by plenty of substance. Alt-rock compositions with a nice electronic touch – there's something noteworthy and different to discover in every tune. A highly enjoyable release.
  23. Anamorphic
    by Blurred City Lights
    Small Fears Magnified Small Fears Magnified
    A tasty smorgasbord of quality music – Blurred City Lights have an impressive, wide-ranging sound that incorporates electronic soundscapes and heavy power-rock. This diverse menu of styles makes them an exciting and always interesting listen.
  24. Moss Cathedral
    by Ulaan Passerine
    Sanahin Sanahin
    Artful drama, a brooding tension and numerous shifts in atmosphere define these two instrumental tracks – both offering plenty to admire as they repeatedly change their form and focus, finding kindred variations in tone and composition. Truly beguiling.
  25. Climbing Light
    by Prince Rupert's Drops
    Doldrums Doldrums
    A heady mix of progressive/folk rock that is unconventionally lively, highly spirited and ultimately damn enjoyable. Incorporating psychedelic grooves and a neat jangle-pop style, Prince Rupert's Drops show how to make smart and fresh music.
  26. Instant Momentary Bliss
    Lancelot Lancelot
    This great album deserves a lot of love – it's really something special. Hints of Pink Floyd atmospherics weave in and out of these alt-prog compositions, with an overall ambience that is very warm and beautifully welcoming. This bliss is not at all momentary.
  27. Bursting
    by Pontiacs
    Street Sounds Street Sounds
    Chilean rock that swings between an energetic garage/space sound to a fuzzed, pulsating psych. Variety and technical expertise are most certainly here – as are the energetic jams and extended passages, where attitude and ambience take centre stage to great effect.
  28. Atacama Dreaming
    by Pontiacs
    Copper Hills (Atacama Dreaming) Copper Hills (Atacama Dreaming)
    Rock solid effort from Pontiacs. If you're a fan of heavy psyche, space rock or stoner grooves, then this album should be on your horizon, as it features all that and a whole bunch more. An artist with a wide spectrum of sounds and styles – super dreamy!
  29. Skid Fiction split EP
    by The Moas//Susan
    Jovian Jovian
    A quality collection of tunes on this split EP – both The Moas and Susan showing good form with their differing styles of dynamic alt-pop. The Moas' dreamy, fuzzy rock sound is most impressive, and Susan have a uniquely artful technique that is pleasingly fresh.
  30. A Thousand Different Languages
    by Hazes
    Blissfully lazy with a nice electronic touch, A Thousand Different Languages has a calm excitement in its impressively simple and stylish arrangement.
  31. Hazes s/t
    by Hazes
    Night Train Night Train
    Forget the outside world for 25 minutes as you soak in the relaxed sounds of Hazes. These songs have that magical tone and character of great shoegaze pop – a quality that blocks out distractions and creates an immediate personal connection.
  32. MARS RED SKY (debut album)
    Up The Stairs Up The Stairs
    Super psych/doom/stoner rock – very melodic with sublime moments of heaviness that kick the MRS sound into yet another gear. Great song arrangements and overall production, and their artwork is killer too!
  33. RUHIN
    by ADAMA
    Stuck Stuck
    Swirling psychedelic melodies, hypnotic droning patterns and super-fuzzed jangle-style guitars feature heavily on RUHIN – rock power and psyche atmospherics that attract in equal measure. A very welcome release.
  34. Tears In Rain : A Tribute To Blade Runner
    by Future City Records
    Night Note - Pass Over The Tannhäuser Gate Night Note - Pass Over The Tannhäuser Gate
    A poignant and stirring Blade Runner atmosphere is certainly present on this evocative tribute. The endless influence of this film continues to inspire an enormous quantity of creative artists.
  35. Menos Que Cero (EP)
    by Ciempiés
    Placenta Placenta
    Another outstanding release from Ciempiés that generates many emotional reactions. The beauty, sadness and joy within these fine songs is complex and intense – exactly the sort of response I want to feel from music.
  36. Movie Brain
    by Movie Brain
    Lust Lust
    Calmly mature and minimalist in style and structure, Movie Brain's delightfully appealing dreampop compositions generate plentiful mood, mystery and discovery. The production here is spot on, allowing each track to add its own individual contribution to the album.
  37. Listen, Love, The Thunder Calls
    by Quiet Child
    Ground Floor Ground Floor
    Quiet Child continue to evolve and explore highly intelligent progressive sounds, resulting in great depth and scope. I love the pacing and shifting force found within these compositions – the unique characteristics of each song is given life through obvious care and attention. A mature and impressive release.
  38. Exoneurosa EP
    by Atra Aeterna
    Exoneurosa Exoneurosa
    Sharply surging and creatively precise, these enjoyable tech-noir industrial soundscapes are both harsh and expertly refined – a near-perfect balance of elements arranged with skilled execution.
  39. O.D.D.S.
    by Ancient River
    Places No One Knows Places No One Knows
    I hear a Dinosaur Jr type of approach on this 2010 release from Ancient River – a particular style of guitar-based rock that I really enjoy. It's catchy and nicely varied, bringing a lot of alternative interest and depth to each tune.
  40. Under the Influence
    by Steady Holiday
    No Matter No Matter
    Sweet, expressive and spirited, Dre Babinski's alluring vocals add so much to these songs – it's a voice that significantly enhances the underlying themes and emotions, elevating the relaxed atmosphere of the album to something both genuinely artful and beautiful.
  41. The Moas
    by The Moas
    Thinner For It Thinner For It
    Akin to Madder Rose in general presentation, The Moas have a very agreeable pop sound that features both heavy indie rock moments and beautifully languid passages – the type of light and shade style that in skilled hands produces excellent results, as it does here.
  42. Cigale
    by Cigale
    Feel the Heat Feel the Heat
    Cigale have truly excelled with this compelling album – powerful, flowing, earthy and memorable music, flawlessly executed and enhanced by the soothing voice of Romy Endeman. A substantial collection of high quality songs guaranteed to remain in your head for quite some time.
  43. Watermelancholia
    by Tripwires
    Uri Geller Uri Geller
    Faultless alt-pop from Tripwires – catchy, exciting and without a dull moment to be seen (or heard!). With such an agreeable sound, all you need is some well-crafted compositions featuring appealing melodies to create a real winner – exactly what they've achieved here. Bravo!
  44. Ascend
    by Celestial Bums
    Full Moon Nightmare Full Moon Nightmare
    Barcelona's Celestial Bums produce a warm and inviting psychedelic sound, alternating between relaxing passages that soothe with their deep grooves, and punchy sections providing glorious rock thrills. Japhy Ryder's vocals are a real highlight too – perfectly matching the requirements of these spirited tracks. Dynamic and impressive.
  45. Swan Song Series (Vol. 5)
    by Tanya Donelly
    Tu y Yo Tu y Yo
    A great 5-track EP that again demonstrates the attraction of good music performed and recorded well. Long-term fans will get their rock, pop and folk fix here – more artful lyrics and songwriting together with that wonderful voice.