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  1. Bystanders
    by Besides
  2. Mount Pleasant
    by Solkyri
  3. these are not your dreams (EP trilogy)
    by sleepmakeswaves
  4. Backyard
    by Floodlights
    Nullarbor Nullarbor
    Awesome Aussie alt-rock with a style and sound that reminds me of working-class pub rock from the 70s & 80s. Direct and honest, Floodlight bring a lot of local flavour to these tracks – each tells a story, and will most likely have your toe tapping.
  5. Animal Choir
    by Her Name is Calla
    The Dead Rift The Dead Rift
    The exceptional sounds of HNiC have always impressed and excited me, as there's a fabulous depth of expression and sentiment to be cherished in everything they've released. Always great to finish on a high – this album's a real treat!
  6. Mutate
    by The Light Dreams
    Renegade Frequencies Renegade Frequencies
    These darkwave synth tracks possess great texture and vigour, capturing attention and rewarding the listener with something familiar but new, moody yet full of light and life. The dystopian feel also adds great conceptual strength – a soundtrack that ignites the imagination!
  7. Imagining Life
    by Alana Jagt
    Easily in my top few songs of the year, Imagining Life is expertly composed and performed, with a soaring momentum that never fails to catch my ear and lift my mood. Looking forward to hearing more of Jagt's music on her forthcoming album.
  8. Swansea
    by LEMOLO
    High Tide High Tide
    Another great collection of captivating dream pop from Meagan Grandall. The lush sounds and production are warm and welcoming, with intelligent arrangements full of varied instrumentation that never fails to impress. Come for the voice, stay for the high quality musicianship.
  9. Pull Back for Sound (2019)
    by Clatter
    The More I Think The More I Think
    Pull Back for Sound immediately impresses with its muscular bass and mature tunes, exhibiting genuine weight and texture in sound and intent. Amy's vocals enrich these compositions that shift and transform with great momentum. Highly memorable.
  10. This Is Not A Safe Place
    by Ride
    Future Love Future Love
    Ride are still crafting some very cool pop/rock tunes while adding a few new elements to their signature sound. There's a lot to like on this latest release: upbeat alt-rock, catchy melodies, sweet vocals, and some excellent ballads – and it gets better with every listen.
  11. Bridges to Nothing
    by City of the Lost
    Great Wall of China Great Wall of China
    Bold and robust in their construction and execution, the songs on Bridges to Nothing deliver powerfully exciting moments of emotional release. Alternatively energetic and serene where needed, City of the Lost's style will please anyone desiring to listen to one of the harder post-rock practitioners.
  12. Master Martin Rescue
    by City of the Lost
    A New Adventure for Three Old Dogs A New Adventure for Three Old Dogs
    Instrumental post-rock with plenty of power and some highly memorable guitar playing. I'm yet to be at all disappointed by a CotL release, and this is no exception, with each track delivering much to enjoy.
  13. Beings of Light
    by City of the Lost
    Красные Звёзды, Красные Гимны Красные Звёзды, Красные Гимны
    An album of exciting energy and movement, with many powerfully constructed compositions that skip along at great speed. There's an aural theme underpinning this strong collection, yet there's also a lot of individual character and purpose to each track. Very solid stuff.
  14. Live In Brussels
    by All Them Witches
    Blood And Sand / Milk And Endless Waters Blood And Sand / Milk And Endless Waters
    The quality of live recordings can be quite hit and miss for various reasons, but ATW put on a very strong show in this case. Their sound and style really is perfect for creating a dynamic live performance – crank it right up if you can, as it's best played loud.
  15. Reap The Storm
    by Wucan
    Wie die Welt sich dreht Wie die Welt sich dreht
    Wucan serve up more glorious retro rock, hitting hard with a creative mix of sounds and influences that collectively deliver great results. Francis Tobolsky's superb voice soars above these compositions like an unleashed animal, adding so much style, passion and energy – there's few in this genre who can currently match her vocal prowess.
  16. The Dunes (ST)
    by The Dunes
    Hypnotic grooves from The Dunes, featuring some long, droning jams, plenty of fuzz, eastern-influenced instrumentation, and plenty more!
    Often ominous in tome and laden with swirling tempos, let yourself be sucked down its psychedelic rabbit hole.
  17. Bardo (digital album, LP)
    by Jordan Reyne
    Then They Came For You Then They Came For You
    Moody and textural, Bardo is an album of atmospheric sounds and rhythms that impress with their hypnotic craft and subtlety. Restrained right throughout its running time, each song adds to the strange darkness of emotions – eerie folk for considered consumption.
  18. Subcircuits
    by leaving richmond
    We Found Us We Found Us
    As ever, you're in capable hands with leaving richmond, as Subcircuits' relaxing soundscapes are the perfect playground for the mind – stylish, unhurried and enchanting. Electronic ambience that is both comfortable and delightfully exciting.
  19. Years Under Glass
    by Bear the Mammoth
    Noumenon Noumenon
    Another impressive album from Bear the Mammoth, featuring plenty of light and shade, and some standout moments of robust playing. Their compositions are always a treat, whether relaxed or heavy, with a cohesive sound that pushes a few boundaries.
  20. Hang Fire
    by Captain Ivory
    Borderlines Borderlines
    I've enjoyed every Captain Ivory release so far, and Hang Fire is certainly no exception. Soulful blues/rock that contains plenty of solid grooves and sweet melodies, there's a nice mix of retro and modern sounds in play.
  21. Dust & Disquiet
    by Caspian
    Arcs of Command Arcs of Command
    Solid post-rock sounds from Caspian, with much diversity in the sonic variety to please the ears and awake the mind. There's tranquility and urgency in this album, with great production bringing forth plenty of texture and emotion.
    An EP of mostly pacy, fuzzy alt-pop/rock. The distorted noise is ably supported by dreamy vocal harmonies, which perfectly fit the mood and tempo. Short and sweet – I'm super impressed!
  23. AURAS
    Here Be Death Here Be Death
    Stimulating and atmospheric power-pop, that varies nicely in tone and energy. DEAFCULT produce intent within their layered haze of guitars and vocals, lifting these songs to great heights.
  24. Day Of Light
    by Constantine
    Rania Rania
    An elegantly artistic psych/folk album that impresses with its heartfelt delivery, musicality and desire to offer something mature in its messaging. These relaxing and yet highly intriguing arrangements provide something for almost any listener of the genre.
  25. Turtle Skull
    by Turtle Skull
    Take It Or Leave It Take It Or Leave It
    Super smooth and groovy EP from Turtle Skull. Infectious beats and a deep stoner drone are superbly supported by excellent vocals, and dynamic and distorted guitars – a great mix of heady sounds and harmonious textures. Love it all!
  26. Like an Island
    by Bryde
    Flesh, Blood and Love Flesh, Blood and Love
    Classy, mature pop/rock from Sarah Howells – the mesmeric voice of Paper Aeroplanes. Featuring excellent songwriting and fine production, Like an Island is top quality music from beginning to end.
  27. Sondersongs
    by Whale Fall
    This Cat Has No Moral Compass This Cat Has No Moral Compass
    Beautiful compositions featuring plenty of piano (which is a very good thing!) There's a genuine emotional connection generated by these songs – they're uplifting and honest, with many memorable highlights.
  28. Terra Solus
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    The Tree And The Serpent The Tree And The Serpent
    The Hoof continue to take us – the fortunate listeners – on some magical rock journeys, delivering a varied tour of their many talents. Heavy stoner sounds mix with psych oddness and a touch of doom, and then add some sweet vocals to finish off the performance. Great sounds, cool art.
  29. Period Rooms
    by Double Echo
    Waters Edge Waters Edge
    Moody, mellow and darkly atmospheric, Double Echo's synth-pop sound continues to fascinate. This album features a relaxed set of tunes, sometimes downbeat but always stylish and high with real emotion. Sure to please those who desire an emotive reaction from their chosen music.
  30. III
    by Sun of Man
    A jazzy, trippy jam with many peaks and valleys – a 12-minute track that's over way too soon! Such an exciting sound, with plenty of meaty chunks to devour, Sun of Man really are the masters of this type of satisfying groove.
  31. Free Like Tonight
    by Our Ceasing Voice
    Gone Gone
    OCV enter new territory: a distilled style that retains all the drama and emotional hooks of old, now packaged as 3-4 minute songs featuring Dominik Dörfler's unique vocals. It all works well and there's still plenty of sentiment and ambition to be found in the fine songwriting.
  32. Trilogy
    by Arcade Messiah
    Moon Signal Moon Signal
    Very robust and excitingly powerful instrumentals that impress with their dynamic range and punch. 'Deliverence' is my fave from the new disc 3 – it's just one of many that are personal highlights on this 3-disc set. Like guitar rock? – you'll certainly find something of interest by Arcade Messiah.
  33. Courage Reels
    by Wozniak
    Super Panther Super Panther
    Wozniak creatively fuse all their power and majesty into this splendid debut album – it's a pleasurably affecting ride with many standout, euphoric moments. Uplifting even in its darker stages, this is music you fully participate in and absorb deeply.
  34. Hard Light
    by Atra Aeterna
    Awash Awash
    Emotive instrumentals that mix many feelings into their sound. Atra Aeterna consistently produces music that reaches within the listener – whether moody and mellow, or sharp and direct – connecting skilfully to produce a strong and positive response.
  35. AEON
    The Infinite Bright The Infinite Bright
    Memorably stimulating, KUSANAGI's latest album contains everything that I want to hear in instrumental rock: bold compositions with many exciting progressions, musical variety and fine musicianship. It's a beauty!
  36. Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord
    by Judd Madden
    Obliterate Obliterate
    Robust and grinding doom/rock that delivers plenty of substantial riffs and heavy sounds. As with previous Judd Madden releases, there's always something new to be heard with each new listen. Thick and meaty – it's a tasty meal!
  37. The Telewire
    by The Telewire
    Right Where I Belong Right Where I Belong
    Awesome 5-track release from The Telewire that will certainly receive plenty of plays from me. Smart and spacey, these powerpop/indie rock tunes are majestically ambitious and expansive, rewarding those with an ear for something just a little bit different.
  38. The Lonely Sea & The Sky
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
    Without You Near Without You Near
    Great new album of supercool shoegazey fuzz with plenty of neat changes in style. There's numerous standout tracks to be found on here – each with its own character, momentum and purpose.
  39. Manyana
    by Grün
    Antarctica Antarctica
    Another exciting and dynamic collection of songs from Grün – long overdue! These Sydney guys know how to write a tune or two; the compositions here show great pacing, power and intelligence. Something new to discover on every listen.
  40. Ancient Youth
    by Double Echo
    Rural Rural
    Lively 5-track release of brisk tunes from Double Echo. There's some interesting variation and general experimentation in sound and style going on here: it's still the expected (and enjoyable) formula, but newer dimensions are entering the scene.
  41. Live on Earth
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    Enter the Zigurat (live) Enter the Zigurat (live)
    Stirring live performance from Sergeant Thunderhoof – a band that brings great energy to their shows and delivers a powerful sound. Excellent recording that shows off their many talents.
  42. How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain
    by Slowness
    Anon, part III Anon, part III
    This absorbing album begins and ends with highlights: firstly, the spirited indie pop of 'Mountain', and then the magnificent four-part journey of 'Anon' – an extended sequence of dreamy, emotional music of such scope and beauty that it's fully deserving of high praise.
  43. EPisode I: Pilot
    by Tuna de Tierra
    Ash Ash
    Stoner rock with deep, slow grooves and a genuine sense of place. The dry desert heat from the cover image spiritually permeates these tracks – it's a real, tactile and desirable element. Expressive vocals and an attentive production style add to the quality. Great stuff.
  44. Trick or Thriller
    by Kimono Lights
    Revolva Revolva
    Indie rock from Italy that excites with its directness, positive energy and considered pop style. All eight tracks are highly enjoyable and each adds its own individual flavour to the band's admirable sound. Will be on high rotation!
  45. Colors Fade in Me
    by City of the Lost
    The Key The Key
    These Russian progressive rockers certainly know how to maintain a powerful and dynamic style – their thoughtfully robust compositions on this EP contain a flow and vitality that continues to impress mightily. Every moment is high quality and extremely enjoyable.