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Travis Ortiz

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Electronic
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  1. Quality Weed E.P.
    by BBC | Bovell, Brown & Cobby
  2. Bajalerica Vol.1
    by Cole Medina
  3. From The Ash
    by B.J. Smith
  4. Hidden Port
    by Hillside
  5. All One
    by Ferdi
  6. Sweet Jesus
    by Steve Cobby
    Sweet Jesus is on repeat - I listen to it on my metro commute to work. I listen to it a few times a day while working. And I listen to it on my way home. So many different layers get revealed during different listening sessions. This is definitely an album of continuous discovery. I love it!
  7. Spaciousness
    by Lo Recordings
  8. Kruder & Dorfmeister: The K&D Sessions TM
    by Various Artists
  9. Salmon Spungcake
    by Bison
  10. Undercover Lovers
    by Psychemagik
  11. Blue River (Remastered)
    by Smith & Mudd
  12. In A Small Place
    by Sillyboy's Ghost Relatives
  13. Submers
    by loscil
  14. Diagonal Musik
    by Prins Emanuel
  15. Year Of The Dragon
    by Hatchback
  16. Ready To Die
    by Bel
  17. Super Edits Vol.2 *free download
    by Leo Zero Edits
  18. Super Edits Vol.3 *free download
    by Leo Zero Edits
  19. Super Edits Vol.4 *free download
    by Leo Zero Edits
  20. Super Edits Vol.1 *free download
    by Leo Zero Edits
  21. Siesta
    by Hater
  22. Phase
    by Mildlife
  23. Selvagem Edits
    by Hello Sailor
  24. Baltic Beat
    by Bartosz Kruczyński
  25. LP 1
    by The Phantom
  26. Schleißen
    by The Phantom
  27. Sunset Sparks/Boma
    by Alterleo
  28. Middle of the Road Less Travelled
    by HOVE
  29. Aurora Baleare
    by Hear & Now
  30. NuNorthern Soul Restructured & Reworked by Andi Hanley
    by Various Artists
  31. Tears Of The Deep
    by Seahawks
  32. Eternal Beams
    by Seahawks
  33. Kama
    by Waxwood
  34. PST 1
    by Project Sandro
  35. SEN009 - Deep Sleep
    by The Beat Broker
  36. Fear Ritual
    by Rollmottle
  37. Janet 50
    by Smith & Mudd
  38. Stop It! / What Is Love Today?
    by Floating Points
  40. Serpent Strut (Larry Heard Remixes)
    by Jack Cutter
  41. Drive Down
    by Miajica
  42. Paqua - Late Train (Idjut Boys Late Brain More Keys Mix)
    by Claremont 56
    community exclusive
  43. Bison - New Moon Boy (Conrad Idjut Dub One)
    by Bison
    subscriber exclusive
  44. Bison - Soup Fiction (Sal P & Sean Bee Mix)
    by Claremont 56
    community exclusive