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  1. Hinterland
    by Wobbler
  2. Planet Terror
    by Black Sky Giant
  3. Blue Storm
    by Rostro Del Sol
  4. Severe Tire Damage
    by They Might Be Giants
  5. Microdosio
    by Papadosio
  6. To End the Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S)
    by Papadosio
    The Bionic Man meets his past... The Bionic Man meets his past...
    This album has a crazy amount of range. Eclectic and very pleasant. It's a shame I only have two ears to notice the attention to detail with.
  7. I
    by Fief
  8. R4MIX
    by Constrobuz
    Life and Actuality Life and Actuality
    Constrobuz's mixes always find a way hit a bit different, and it's awesome.
  9. Word of the Soul
    by Chalk Dinosaur
  10. Star Blazer
    by Chalk Dinosaur
    Star Blazer Star Blazer
    Awesome album that not only takes notes from the greats, but extends those styles with their own flairs.
  11. With You
    by Chalk Dinosaur
    by Constrobuz
  13. The Shadow
    by Luke Howard Trio
  14. DJ-Kicks: Mr. Scruff
    by Mr. Scruff
  15. Dwellers of the Deep
    by Wobbler
    Merry Macabre Merry Macabre
    Some of the best modern prog rock I've heard.
  16. Alban Arthan
    by Malfet
    Sage and Cedar Adorn His Antlered Crown Aflame Sage and Cedar Adorn His Antlered Crown Aflame
    This album helped me discover a weird kind of nostalgia I didn't know I had. The wonderful atmosphere this sound creates felt like a warm cup of something good while sitting outside in the wintertime. Very nice.
  17. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
    I Hope To Be Around (album v) I Hope To Be Around (album v)
    Funky-Jazziness I don't have the musical taxomony skills to describe; nevertheless it was much needed by my ears.
  18. The Trial of the King
    by Chromatic Aberration
    Lord of the City Lord of the City
    Awesome, kind-of earthy prog that begs for more than one listen. You and I are both fortunate listeners for having stumbled upon this album.
  19. Edit Series - Euro Disco Reworks
    by Kapote
  20. The Glimmering
    by Malfet