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  1. Somi
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    Slown Slown
    Of course, fragility, decay and time passing-by are something quite usual when you begin to work with tape loops.

    However, Taylor Deupree manages to breathe an endless sensitivity into his compositions, painting seven pointillist pictures of washed-out colors on half-torn canvas. Lo-fi melodies and flickering textures beat at dilated polyrhythms under the dust of time, and still inhabitate the missing parts of these paintings, leaving the audience fill the holes with their sedated imagination.
  2. Perpetual
    Movement, 3 Movement, 3
    In Perpetual, the organic microcosm of sounds by Illuha joins the modulated synthesizers by Taylor Deupree and the distinctive playing of classical piano and hit/scrapped strings by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

    Unfolding through three movements, this improvised performance translates an incredible level of cohesion and understanding between the artists, offering a highly delicate and sensitive aural experience that seems to last indefinitely.

    An unforced delight of dulcet details and atmospheres.
  3. Can You Prove I Was Born
    by SHUTTLE358
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    Dirty sunkiss Dirty sunkiss
    Love letter to forgotten analog machines, Can You Prove I Was Born curls us up into crackling loops of faded samples and the peculiar warmth of tapes.

    In a manner reminding me the last Konntinent's album on Home Normal, Shuttle358 unwinds tones and noises that seem really personal. Allowing us to get a glimpse of his privacy, the abundance of decaying sounds might be the mirror of the artist's mind, trying to go back in blurry times...

    A soothing and immediate release.
  4. Solo Andata
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    Hydraulic Fluctuations Hydraulic Fluctuations
    This album is a story of contrasts.

    The side made of bleak and almost virgin field recordings shares the eponym album by Solo Andata with a warm and organic part of strings and guitars.

    When the recorded sounds seem sometimes unsettling, a reassuring counterpart appears right away to balance them, driving the necessary dynamic of this intimate work.

    A tale of light and darkness, a story of highs and lows, and above all an ode to decay and resurgence.
  5. Parallel Landscapes
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    04 04
    For Steinbrüchel, each sound is a small landscape that influences the bigger picture.

    Indeed, different chimes ring on fluctuating sine curves and crackling textures, enhancing the main soudscape and altering it at the whim of their appearances and disappearances.

    A dynamic scenery, where uncoiling sonic layers progress inevitably on a timeline, but interact with their peers on a second dimension as well.

    Probably the organic version of Nicolas Bernier's "Frequencies (A / Fragments)".
  6. Ocean Fire
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    Cold Heat Cold Heat
    This collaborative work between Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto is a perfect blend of both their musical worlds.

    Pulsating fragments of dissonant sounds echo back to immense tides of warm and processed piano layers, melodies are diving deep into the subconscious to emerge deconstructed, yet mesmerizing.

    An exceptionnal electroacoustic journey between the oceanic depths and the heating sun, climaxing during the duo Chi-Yu and Cold Heat.

    A complete success.
  7. All This I Do For Glory
    by Colin Stetson
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    Spindrift Spindrift
    Is it only for the peculiar way it explores the possibilities of the bass saxophone, All This I Do For Glory would be worth a few listenings and your approval.

    But Colin Stetson likes to push the limitations of his material afar, exploring timber, volume, melodies and even percussion in a highly volatile twilight run that can be as ethereal and transcending as it can suddenly turn urgent and epidermic.

    An album with a fickle personality that will never fail to surprise you at each iteration.
  8. La Equidistancia
    by Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri
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    Un Horizonte En Llamas Un Horizonte En Llamas
    I like to imagine the nostalgic melodies from Fresco balanced by the exquisite sense of contrast by Irisarri.

    But ultimately, it's the uncertainty of their own contributions that will shine here, turned into dreams of immensity and hopes of resurgence high up, where the perpendicular line pointing to the stars emerges at equidistance from Argentina and the USA.

    This album wants its audience to come with their personal luggage, to better feel how good it is to sometimes leave them behind.
  9. Gravity
    by Ben Lukas Boysen
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    Nocturne 1 Nocturne 1
    Hecq swapped his nickname for Ben Lukas Boysen to reveal a modern classical face of his musical personality, that we discovered on Night Falls.

    Offering 8 chapters of a story that will put us above the Earth, between nebulous altitudes and the dark skies full of stars, Gravity is a sensitive and carefully crafted work orbiting around the piano and sporadic drums, supported by a subtle electronic background.

    This celestial and redeeming release is essential in every ambient collection.
  10. Fausten
    by Fausten
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    Abort Abort
    This album is wicked.

    Mixing bass music, breakcore and dark ambient, I would define it as dark downtempo.

    Do not expect melodies here, you're in the wrong territory. We walk through the realms of air-striking rythms, skinning sounds and dirty atmospheres.

    Really dark, your mind will be blown away by the technique developed in this release and the indecent precision of the percussion parts.

    Powerful and effective.
  11. Seven
    by Stavros Gasparatos
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    Pride Pride
    Meant to accompany dancers on stage, Seven was reworked to fit for a home listening.

    Does that mean we lose the purpose of the initial show ? Certainly not.

    Mixing amazingly well traditional instruments with just the right dose of electronic sounds, this neo-classical release is highly cinematic.

    Suggesting the moves of the dancers, we can totally imagine how many they are, how they move, and what the whole show would suggest.

    From worrying tunes to calm soundscapes, Seven will surprise you.