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  1. Boneset
    by Diane Cluck
    Sara Sara
  2. Little Creep
    by Sneaky Mister
  3. Bennington College
    by Sneaky Mister
  4. One Foot in Front of the Other
    by Lonesome Leash
  5. SORRY
    by Sneaky Mister
    Time Time
  6. In This Light - Live at Bear Creek
    by Jason Webley
    In This Light In This Light
  7. Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen (2012)
    by Anonymous Choir
    Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen Side A Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen Side A
  8. Alive
    by Sneaky Mister
    Dog [live] Dog [live]
  9. Twin Souls of Sulfur
    by Twin Souls of Sulfur
    Sulfur Sulfur
  10. Joyce
    by Sneaky Mister
    Sexy Sexy
  11. Weird
    by Sneaky Mister
    Friend Friend
  12. Of Resolutions and Resolve
    by Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?
    Lonesome Leash Lonesome Leash
  13. First
    by Bittle Lottle