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  1. Ÿ
    by Öxxö Xööx
    Lëïth Säë Lëïth Säë
    Ÿ explodes, completes itself, transcends its own reality, and appears as a perfect continuity of Rëvëürt/Nämïdäë. The amount of ideas and detail is monumental, and emotions are somehow more intense/complex than ever before. Vocal performances reach thrilling, unprecented new heights, and even if the tracks could seem scattered all over the place, they actually bring to existence something that you can already feel through the unique, liberating art of the album.

    -- my Album of the year 2019.
  2. Nämïdäë
    by Öxxö Xööx
    Därkäë Därkäë
    (CD bought via Discogs).

    Delving into this maelström of an album is not easy. Being so unique, i feel like the biggest strength of Nämïdäë is also what makes it so hard to apprehend fully : because it feels like it's part of one entity, this album and Rëvëürt are like two bodies melting into one continuous experience. I'm really curious to see how the third album will expand on those two first "chapters", if a beginning or an end even exist in the realm of this incredible music.
  3. Rëvëürt (2011)
    by Öxxö Xööx
    Ämä Ämä
    Esthetically and artistically, volumes could be written about this album, yet i bet there would still be room for more to discover. Immensely and infinitely deep, words cannot contain this album. Emotions, on the other hand, are your gateway to enter this cosmic journey that will surely expand not only your sensitivity, but your understanding of music and its necessary bond with humans as well. It's a really important album to listen to, if you feel like you have a strong connection to music.
  4. Spirituality and Distortion
    by Igorrr
    Himalaya Massive Ritual Himalaya Massive Ritual
    Igorrr doesn't lose any of its recognizable style, and indulges in some quite interesting sonical choices, but Spirituality and Distortion is sadly just not interesting enough to make me come back to it as frequently as the previous albums did. It doesn't hold back, though somehow i don't find the exhilaration Savage Sinusoid brought to the table, for example. Not bad, nor good, simply a "eh...".
  5. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
    Opus Brain Opus Brain
    Pushing further and further with each new release, Savage Sinusoid is an album that sort of has it all. While it would seem goofy at first glance, every track's way more clever than you'd think. Every instrument's used to its full potential, bringing surreally cool compositions. You've got classical, extreme metal, jazzy moods and so on, but still with that unmistakable touch that makes Igorrr's albums so worthwhile. If you haven't heard this before, please do yourself a favor and take a listen.
  6. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
    Equus Equus
    (CD bought via Discogs).

    I discovered Gautier Serre's work and Laure's voice with this project. Far from being as furious as Igorrr's other albums, Corpo-Mente still stands very well on its own, and never falls short. Venturing into a melancholic and beautiful imagery, this album offers splendid tracks, accompanied by seriously talented musicians. I highly recommend it if you're not too much into Öxxö Xööx's darker and more brutal compositions, as this is as contemplative, but softer in tone.
  7. Lïan
    by Rïcïnn
    Lumna Lumna
    Tout en finesse, cet album mêle douceur et intensité. Comme une sorte de grand conte, chaque piste est tellement prenante que le temps défile à une vitesse folle sans qu'on s'en rende compte. J'ai du mal à ne pas laisser l'album jouer en entier à chaque fois que je le lance (Uma étant si belle, et une excellente entrée en matière par ailleurs), je me laisse transporter par les instruments et la voix de Laure, l'ambiance enchanteresse apportant vraiment quelque chose d'unique. Formidable album !
  8. They Are the Shield
    by Toby Driver
    470 Nanometers 470 Nanometers
    There's just something with this music that cannot be explained. Never before have I felt like I needed to understand an album this much. The instruments, mixing a bit of electronic with splendid violins, a sweet guitar, and the tremendous voice of Toby, are out of this world, and I can just feel myself being lifted into the air when I listen to this gorgeous piece of music. The notes and melodies work so well together on every track, but 470 Nanometers is just the most soothing to me.
  9. Descender
    by Avandra
    The Narrowing of Meaning (feat. Richard Henshall) The Narrowing of Meaning (feat. Richard Henshall)
    Just by listening to the first few seconds, you already know you're in for an amazing journey. With its intense personality, Descender is an album full of poesy, sorrow, hope, and lots of great ideas all over the place. Masterfully well done !
  10. Astronoid
    by Astronoid
    A New Color A New Color
    Astronoid is the kind of band i like to listen while working on other stuff : their music can fill you with confidence and make you come up with fresh ideas. This new entry keeps the meaningful style "Air" had, but with even more impactful melodies. Very solid album overall, keep it up !
  11. Air
    by Astronoid
    Up and Atom Up and Atom
    Definitely not an album i thought i'd get into, but holy moly does it have an interesting ambience. Those musical arrangements produce a very intense contrast between voice and instruments, but most importantly, they also bring sensitivity in waves, like a stream of pure feelings washing your face. Beautiful album !
  12. Gire
    by Gire
    Zöld zivatar Zöld zivatar
    Just a pure blast from start to finish. Gire is so straightforward, still, some moments are geniously smooth and creative transitions between tracks, like the end of "Zöld zivatar" or "Hét madár", building a calm and contemplative passage right before it launches you again into fucking space.
    Instruments are surprising and emotionaly varied, with inspired layers of sounds, and it creates a wild and wacky personality that outright unleashes enormous waves of fun. This is a killer album. Buy it.
  13. Immersion
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Existence I: Contemplation Existence I: Contemplation
    The first metal CD i ever bought, and for a good reason. I listened to bands in the genre, but never had quite something transcendent like this. This is the album that made me love harsh vocals in metal, and the experience here is completed with stratospheric synths, mystic vocals, and a true passion that you can feel throughout the entire record. To make it clear and simple, this is an album that expands itself continiously in pure beauty by the sheer contemplation it brings to life.
  14. Infinite Fields
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Infinite Fields Infinite Fields
    Press play, lean back, and contemplate everything Infinite Fields has to offer. It's a very hybrid album, with some truly impressive parts i did not expect. It flawlessly switches from one rhythm to another, while keeping a nice balance between brutality and epic riffing. The sound design is also pretty excellent, some small details really make me imagine the band playing in the desolated landscape of the cover art.
    DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE (feat. Öxxö Xööx) DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE (feat. Öxxö Xööx)
    MBR's style kinda started to grow on me with this album in particular. I find it more appealing at first glance than his other releases, but what really convinced me to go into it were the vocals : Öxxö Xööx sings in a way that's quite different from his own albums, and it's still surprising to me today how well they both managed to build their intricate vision. First half definitely takes the cake imo, it fluctuates so perfectly and the notes/themes are enthralling. It's just so greatly unique.
  16. parasite
    by Ada Rook
    asphalt asphalt
    A good follow-up album to shed blood, with this very unique ambiance and smashing lyrics i can't get enough of. I'm really eager to see what her other projects will be !
  17. shed blood
    by Ada Rook
    thirteen thirteen
    Honestly, i can't express how much this album means. I never thought it'd have such a violent and formidable impact on me.
    I want to scream with the songs.
    sardonica, broken grace, thirteen, are you my sister - the whole album actually ! - are tracks i will never forget. This is raw art, in its purest and most intense form.

    -- my Album of the year 2018.
  18. Future Flesh
    by OddZoo
    Another Cold Strong Drink Another Cold Strong Drink
    Some of the most fantastic sound designs i've ever had the pleasure of listening to. This album's like a constant flow : every track is linked, yet they all sound unique in their very own way.
    Vocals, rhythm, structures, ambience, all of those are TOP NOTCH ! Superbe boulot !! C'est du plaisir à l'état pur !
  19. Where They Used To Live
    by Mathusalemherod
    Chalk Drawings On The Pavement Chalk Drawings On The Pavement
    Un changement de style très intéressant par rapport au projet Dan Terminus. Les compositions et structures musicales racontent toujours autant de choses, et il y a une vraie évolution malgré l'aspect moins détaillé des pistes quand on les compare aux albums DT.
    Toujours est-il que cet aspect épuré est très plaisant ! Il y a un petit côté unique à cet album qui s'en dégage, et le tout est véritablement fun de A à Z !
  20. Scalarium
    by Mathusalemherod
    Une piste opressante et sombre, parfaite entrée en matière avant de plonger dans Where They Used to Live.