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  1. hum
    by r beny
  2. The TRUTH about HELL!
    by Fire-Toolz
  3. Reality Refresh 3
    by Teen Daze
  4. Signal Quest
    by LCM
  5. Spirit Realm
    by Mac Bandit
  6. Swallowed Into The Abyss
    by Sangam
  7. endless. descend.
    by Sorrow 1984
  8. Radiant Broadcast
    by Live Media
  9. Tusop®
    by Hantasi
  10. Darkness of Tomorrow
    by EMBA Soundsystem
  11. II: 鏡花水月
    by Dissociate: 解離
  12. Crystal Sun
    by Lost Cascades
  13. Mint 400 Social Club
    by Kind Mr. S
  14. (life cycle) - 生命週期
    by b e g o t t e n 自杀
  15. e c o s p h e r e
    by Electric Dreams
  16. Pharma
    by Nmesh
  17. b e g o t t e n 自杀 - (Halloween Mixtape)
    by b e g o t t e n 自杀, various artists
  18. 3S: Some Surreal Stuff...
    by Ursula's Cartridges
  19. 超越灵魂
    by 死亡頻道
  20. Radiant Broadcast II
    by Live Media