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  1. 10,000 Years
    by 10,000 Years
    Master Of Oblivion Master Of Oblivion
    This is the album for anyone who heard High on Fire and though: "I sure wish they sounded a bit more like Conan" and if that is you I salute you, you've got excellent taste and should buy this album.
  2. II
    by 10,000 Years
    Prehuman Walls Prehuman Walls
    All I wrote about the debut album applies here. 10.000 Years ain't about to drop a prog rock album just yet. An excellent follow up to a splendid debut.
  3. Anthropozän (I&II)
    by Aara
  4. En Ergô Einai
    by Aara
    Stein auf Stein Stein auf Stein
  5. Phthonos
    by Aara
  6. The Dead End
    by Abandon
    Pitch black hole Pitch black hole
    This bleak clasisc of swedish funeral sludge is a must have if you like your music fueled by angst, despair and spiritual torment.
  7. Tortur
    by Afsind
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  8. Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
    by AFSKY
    Tyende sang Tyende sang
    Wonderfully executed black metal with lyrics by some of Denmarks greatest poets. If you ever wanted to hear how H C Anderssen pairs with black metal this is the album for you.
  9. Om hundrede år
    by AFSKY
  10. Aldri
    by Aldri
    Læstadius Læstadius
    Really great doom from Norwegian doomsters Aldri. This dives deep into classic territory but without ever loosing it's new and fresh edge. Lyrical themes are revolving around Sami history and experience.
    I really want to know more about this great band and hope they're successful in reaching out because they sure as hell deserve it.
  11. Reclaimed by the Forest
    by AlgomA
  12. by Alien Weaponry
    Kai Tangata Kai Tangata
    These guys are amazing. They both play and compose at a much higher level than their young years would imply. They are definitely worth looking at. Also Te Reo Maori proves itself to be a frickin' excellent languange for metal. Well done guys, well done.
  13. Blood
    by Altareth
  14. And All Will Be Desolation
    by Allfather
    Lampedusa Lampedusa
  15. A Violent Truth
    by Allfather
    Black Lungs Black Lungs
  16. Esfandiyar
    by اكوان (AKVAN)
  17. Mictlan
    by The Amenta
  18. Saturnine December
    by Antecantamentum
  19. Mangled By The Machine
    by Ape Machine
    Mangled By The Machine Mangled By The Machine
    Energetic retro-stoner with a lot of hammond and fuzz.. Pretty cool stuff actually, if you're into that kind of sound, kind of like early Deep Purple on meth.
  20. Zã Keli
    Tears of the Dead Tears of the Dead
    A very compelling but odd fusion of Togoleese folk music, metalcore and rap. Not my usual turf for sure but it works for me. Well worth a listen for this is a truly unique metal band.