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  1. Tunga Moln III
    by Tunga Moln
    Luleås Vampyrer Luleås Vampyrer
  2. The Dead End
    by Abandon
    Pitch black hole Pitch black hole
    This bleak clasisc of swedish funeral sludge is a must have if you like your music fueled by angst, despair and spiritual torment.
  3. Aldri
    by Aldri
    Læstadius Læstadius
    Really great doom from Norwegian doomsters Aldri. This dives deep into classic territory but without ever loosing it's new and fresh edge. Lyrical themes are revolving around Sami history and experience.
    I really want to know more about this great band and hope they're successful in reaching out because they sure as hell deserve it.
  4. Reclaimed by the Forest
    by AlgomA
    Bedsores Bedsores
  5. Mangled By The Machine
    by Ape Machine
    Mangled By The Machine Mangled By The Machine
    Energetic retro-stoner with a lot of hammond and fuzz.. Pretty cool stuff actually, if you're into that kind of sound, kind of like early Deep Purple on meth.
  6. The Old Believer
    Collider Collider
    The Atlas Moth's "post-black meets ambient sludge" sound is very relaxing to listen to. Intricate melodies overlaid with harsh screams interspersed with clean vocal singing this album is a true gem.
  7. Bantha Rider
    by Bantha Rider
    Uta tuta Solo (Greedo's Funeral) Uta tuta Solo (Greedo's Funeral)
    As of right now, the best Star Wars Themed stoner album. (And yes...there are more, so saying this actually means something.)
  8. Litourgiya
    Yekteniya 1 Yekteniya 1
    Polish Blackened Doom with liturgical themes from Russian orthodoxy. Very unique in it's tone and performance.
  9. Beastwars
    Empire Empire
    Awsome sludgy sound. Vocalist Matt Hyde sounds like a drunken sailor, and I'm saying this as a compliment. It's like if Captain Haddock fronted a metal band. His vocals fit the music beautifully. Just listen to it dammit!
  10. Blood Becomes Fire
    Tower of Skulls Tower of Skulls
    G'damn I've been waiting for this one. The kings of New Zealand drunken sailor sludge are back. The raw emotion of the songs are a good reason to wreck your hearing.
  11. The Death of All Things
    The Death of All Things The Death of All Things
    I FUCKIN LOVE BEASTWARS! Ok, I'm not going to bother explaining that to people who don't understand it. And I'm sure as hell ain't gonna waste time doing so to people who allready understand. This is one more reason why Beastwars should be a much huger band than they are. They should fill fucking stadiums with rabid fans. OK?
  12. The Death of All Things
    Black Days Black Days
  13. Four Phantoms
    Judgement, In Air: II – Felled (In Howling Wind) Judgement, In Air: II – Felled (In Howling Wind)
    Another masterpiece from ultra heavy duo Bell Witch. This release was highly anticipated and has so far not made me disapointed.
  14. Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves
    by Belzebong
    Bong Thrower Bong Thrower
  15. Cauldron Of The Damned
    by Black Doom
    Lucifer Rising Lucifer Rising
    This album is a wonderful little piece of heavy doom. You really need to check it out if you're anything like me in your tastes.
  16. Impending
    by Black Tremor
    The Church The Church
    Bought this a while back and forgot to listen to it. Came to it today and was struck with the slow awesomeness. Amanda Bestvater's violin is what makes this for me. What comes out of the unholy union is musik that reminds me of he score to Ravenous. An unsettling folkish tune with an amazing stoner vibe.
  17. Satan Worshipping Doom
    by Bongripper
    Satan Satan
    Saw them perform this album at Roadburn Afterburner 2012. Was magnificent.
  18. Miserable
    by Bongripper
    Descent Descent
    Bongripper just keeps churning out really awesome tunes. Majestic and hypnotic.
  19. (The Grand) Bong Goblin
    by Bong Goblin
    Seriously? With a name like Bong Goblin, how could it not be awesome?
  20. Brazen Bull
    by Centipede
    Desert Lair Desert Lair
    Just got this, on a whim. The riff that kicks off Desert Lair is fantastic and the vocals remind me heavily of Netherland's Heavy Lord.
    All in all a very nice album worth checking out if you like your stoner heavy, doomy and mid-tempo.
  21. Unanswered Hymns
    by CHRCH
    Dawning Dawning
  22. To Sleep Beyond The Earth
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Parts I & II) To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Parts I & II)
    This was one of 2014's finest moments. Monumental instrumental stoner that just keeps mauling you with monotonous slabs of heavy riffage.
    A truly great album.
  23. Your Doom Has Come
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    Out of The Abyss Out of The Abyss
    Personally I loved To Sleep Beyond the Earth more, but this was one of 2015's best records so who's complaining? Clouds Taste Satanic are a name to watch for the future.
  24. Lord of the Deep
    by Clagg
    Carrion Carrion
  25. Gather Your Beasts
    by Clagg
    Pathways to Oblivion Pathways to Oblivion
  26. Monnos
    by Conan
    Hawk As Weapon Hawk As Weapon
    Who doesn't love Conan? People who hate music, that's fucking who. People who would not know heavy if it sat down on them.
  27. Frontier EP
    by Corinth
    Frontier Frontier
  28. Deep Mountains
    by Deep Mountains
    远山 远山
    This beautiful mix of Chinese folk music and blackened doom is a must for anyone who wants an insight into the huge and sprawling Chinese scene.
  29. De Tirannie
    by Dresden/Leningrad
    De Wittedood De Wittedood
    Dutch slow and heavy doom in the vein of Heavy Lord and other such great acts. Thematically about the horrors of the battlefields and trenches of World War I and II.
  30. Rituals/ DeZafra Ridge Split LP
    by DeZafra Ridge
    Simurgh Simurgh
  31. ❂DeZafra Ridge s/t
    by DeZafra Ridge (Leipzig, Germany)
    Innocent Hibernation Innocent Hibernation
    Heavy post-doom from my favourite German city, Leipzig. Well worth a listen.
  32. Sing-Along Songs For the Damned and Delirious
    by Diablo Swing Orchestra
    Lucy Fears The Morning Star Lucy Fears The Morning Star
    The absurd mix of metal, Kurt Weil and big band jazz that is DSO's trademark just makes me happy. Can't help it.
  33. Domkraft
    by Domkraft
    Concrete Waves Concrete Waves
    Sweet dark lord, this is some really heavy and fuzzy shit. It's a good time to be Swedish these days.
  34. The End of Electricity
    by Domkraft
    Drones Drones
    When the cyclopean basalt monolith of antediluvian shit that was 2016 will be summarized Domkrafts excellent debut album will be the clear and shining beacon of hope that makes us not take solemn vows to forget the year ever happened.
    This is the best thing to happen to swedish spacerock stoner since a long time, possibly ever.
  35. Doommantia Vol. 1
    by Doommantia Vol. 1
    The Innsmouth Look The Innsmouth Look
  36. Beyond Forgotten Shores (Doom Metal)
    by DORMANT INFERNO (Mumbai, India) / DIONYSUS (Pakistan)
    Dormant Inferno - Veil of Lunacy Dormant Inferno - Veil of Lunacy
    Indian Dormant Inferno and Pakistani Dionysus have both their discographies summarized on this packed release. Support them for great death/doom.
  37. Eld
    by Dödsvarg
    Mot en katastrof Mot en katastrof
    Dödsvarg just keeps becoming more and more harsh. Hate, despair and anger are the tools of the trade. This is the soundtrack of the dead black and shriveled stone that medical science call my heart.
    I haven't felt this happy in ages.
  38. Om det där med omänskliga relationer
    by Dödsvarg
    Våld Våld
    Intensive wall of aggressive noise. Angry tormented screams and misantrophy. Dödsvarg is awesome. This download came with a nifty tote bag.
  39. Livet är en dödsorsak
    by Dödsvarg
    Att slita en människa i stycken Att slita en människa i stycken
    I've already got this in my collection, but buying it once more got me this lovely tote-bag.
  40. Livet är en dödsorsak
    by Dödsvarg
    Mannen som hatar Sverige Mannen som hatar Sverige
    "I'm not the one who is different, It's everyone else who are the same."
    On the full lenght debute "Livet är en dödsorsak" (Life is a cause of death) Dödsvarg presents us with the same merciless mixture of punk, metal and electronica as always. Misantrophy and Ingmar Bergman-samples are the main themes. Intense, angry and anguished.
  41. Total System Collapse. Fuck!
    by Dödsvarg
    Det finns inget ljus i den där jävla tunneln Det finns inget ljus i den där jävla tunneln
    This EP definitely contains the Dödsvarg signum of chaos, anger and confusion directed at the listener. Short intensive songs that regardless of none being longer than three minutes are so crammed full of ideas that they feel like full length epics.
  42. Glädjedödaren
    by Dödsvarg
    Juottovasikkaa Juottovasikkaa
  43. Ea Taesse
    by Ea
    Laeleia Laeleia
  44. A Etilla
    by Ea
    A Etilla A Etilla
    2014 goes all in from the start. A new recording from Ea is a wonderful gift. Funeral doom at it's very best. Beautiful, haunting and dynamic like little else.
  45. Gold of the great Deceiver
    by el CAMINO
    Gold of the great deceiver Gold of the great deceiver