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  1. Harbinger
    by Trebuchet
  2. Warriors of Madness 7″
    by Heavy Sentence
  3. Dark Parade
    by Cirith Ungol
  4. Revelations I and II
    by The Lore of Gaubert
  5. Reign of the Reaper
    by Sorcerer
  6. Fear
    by Valkyrie
  7. Live By The Sword
    by Cardinals Folly
  8. Early Moods - Spellbound
    by Dying Victims Productions
  9. The Banishing
    by Bottomless
  10. Tomb Of God
    by Fimir
  11. Of Solitude Triumphant
    by The Temple
  12. Delightful Sharp Edges
    by Hex A. D.
  13. Fatal Encounter
    by Air Raid
  14. IV
    by Iron Void
  15. The Estuary
    by Mirror of Deception
  16. Beyond the Help of Prayers
    by Bunker 66
  17. The Giant's Dream
    by warcoe
  18. The Omega Evangelion
    by Byron
  19. An Age of Penance and Oblivion
    by Pilgrim of Fire
  20. Lydsyn
    by Lydsyn