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  1. Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
    by Acid King
    Coming Down From Outer Space Coming Down From Outer Space
    -A geat fucking journey this was and one that I wanted to take again as soon as it had ended. Then once more soon after; and too soon it had ended again and each time I, wondrous about life and the stars and indeed outer space, had felt each and everytime's crescendo like I had transcended through the ether and out there somewhere, floating blissfully, happy and aware of all things important and they were nothing at all I realised, except to listen once again.

    Stellar 🤘🤘
  2. Steam Machine Museum
    by Mother Mars
    Spacegirl Spacegirl
    This is an exquisite listen. Absolute quality musics from just down the road.

    Love the grooves, the crazy audio samples and the bombastic solos and the vocals are fucking great also...Boy oh boy, that banjo just lit my inner hillbilly on fire.

  3. Dope Smoker - Devil's Bridge
    by Electric Valley Records
    New Error New Error
    Stick to the golden riff. Repeat.

  4. Electric Mountain - Valley Giant
    by Electric Valley Records
    Desert Ride Desert Ride
    A lot of fun is what it is.

  5. Live in Wroclaw, November 23 2007
    by Pelican
    Far From Fields Far From Fields
    I'm a sucker for well placed delays and dissonance; and so the middle section of Far From Fields is imperfectly brilliant.


    ...Great stuff.

  6. III
    by Acid King
    On To Everafter On To Everafter
    The Little Big Muff wins 100% of the notes it ever plays, every time.

    Hypnotic, hook-y and devotional, there's a lot to enjoy here. If you've got opposable thumbs then congratulations, buy this and begin said enjoyment.


  7. Busse Woods
    by Acid King
    Carve The Five Carve The Five
    Busse Woods is a piece of art really. There are some all conquering and excellently unexpected melodies and the tone is fuzzlicious.

    It goes by fast (as it is too enjoyable) and every track demands devotion. Replayable as fuck...I'm glad it's in my collection now.

  8. Visions
    by Gypsybyrd
    Fly With Me Fly With Me
    If you listen to this album once you will listen to it many times. The mood it sets is blissfully retro and melancholic and it's consistently wondrous.

    Take our money.

  9. People of the Black Circle
    by People of the Black Circle
    Ghosts in Agartha Ghosts in Agartha
    Random track select first listen. It was immense. a very quick NYP no brainer based on that Iommic track

    Looking forward to the rest right now

  10. At the Mountains of Loudness
    by Saint Karloff
    At the Mountains of Loudness At the Mountains of Loudness
    One of my favourite 3 pieces of all time.

  11. All Heed the Black God
    by Saint Karloff
    Ghost Smoker Ghost Smoker

    ...All Heed Saint Karloff
  12. Doom Sessions VOL​.​666
    by Witchthroat Serpent
    The fall of Whitewood The fall of Whitewood
    Loving absolutely everything Witchthroat Serpent spits out.

    Wizard-esque and ominous, I cannot think of a better combo. Its been played many times already and it's only knocking my socks off more and more.

  13. Compilado: Doom Argentina MMXXII
    by Sabbra Cadabra
    WICCA - The Devil's Hand WICCA - The Devil's Hand
    A quick purchase, too much talent here.

    Great comp. where picking a fave is hard.
    It's usually a good sign.

  14. STOP WAR IN UKRAINE! (charitable compilation)
    by Path Of Doom Radio
    A BETTER TOMORROW (France) - A Better Tomorrow A BETTER TOMORROW (France) - A Better Tomorrow
    Words cannot express the injustices currently faced by Ukraine...Putrid, disgusting, wrong, unfair, murderous and certainly devilish they are; the ideals that 'justify' this invasion are just horse shit.

    Just horse shit and not 'justification'.

    Fuck off Russia.

    ...This comp. is fantastic and probably better than any doom comp. that has come out for some time. I mean this sincerely, it is a doom comp. and it's fucking great, unlike Putin who is just a fucking scumbag.

    TYVM P.O.D.R
  15. Red Tide
    by Temple Of The Fuzz Witch
    Dead's Desire Dead's Desire
    This is one of those albums where I think my fave song will change.

    They've got a cool sound that wanders in and between genres and it gets familiar at times in the best possible way; coupled with a singer that has presence, who even sounds like Maynard in the odd moment... Well it is quite a listen.

    Ominous and full of disparity but warm and drearily uplifting also, it is a gem with genuine replayability.

  16. Temple Of The Fuzz Witch
    by Temple Of The Fuzz Witch
    Infidel Infidel
    A really good, slow burning, fuzzy listen. Enjoyable and rifftastic .

  17. Polar Fleet
    by Operator Generator
    Infinite Loop Infinite Loop
    Soil of lavamore I was not expecting! What a perfect end to this sensational slice of art! Furthermore, the transcendental nature of this song is as good as anything that I've ever heard.

    This is a top, top album and the melodies are world class. It is a blissful, interesting,rocking and unexpected listen and it deserves to be heard and it's magic appreciated.

    ...A rhythm section that reminds me of why I live for music.

  18. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Saint Karloff
    A modern masterpiece.

  19. Escape To Weird Mountain Volume 7
    by Forbidden Place Records
    LáGoon - "Skullactic Visions" LáGoon - "Skullactic Visions"
    A well balanced compilation with some great artists and due credit to FPR, one of my fave labels.

    Really enjoyed this listen and picking a stand out is difficult considering I love so many of the songs...tossing up any one of five or six in truth; ETWMV7 is all class.

    Sating my music lust.

  20. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Wild Fuzz Trip
    Blazed AF and this is enjoyable AF