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Bunphomet Doomgazer III

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  1. Ascension Codes
    by Cynic
  2. A Very Mangled Christmas (Single)
    by Mangled Carpenter
  3. The Essence / Dismal
    by Eulogy
  4. High Life!
    by Exit-13
  5. Delumination
    by Unending
  6. Happy Place
    by Aaron Bilodeau
  7. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
  8. Fugitive Wizard - Obscuri Æternum
    by Fugitive Wizard
  9. Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike
    by Kayo Dot
  10. A Merry Hyrule Christmas
    by Eric Buchholz
  11. Escape From The Bat People !
    by Jay Poisön and the Bat People
  12. Alluring the distant eye
    by Sadness
  13. _____
    by Sadness
    so good!!! vinyl?! please?!
  14. Mind Conductor
    by Sheev
  15. Doomed & Stoned in Russia (Vol. 2)
    by Doomed and Stoned Records
  16. SLEEPWULF - Sunbeams Curl
  17. The Marigold Experiment
    by Rachel Fannan
  18. Trip to Denmark
    by WEEDIAN
  19. Sargent Signals' Psychedelic Genocide Part A 2021
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  20. Abyss Between the Stars
    by URSA