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  1. Hellsemyr
    by Bergsvriden
  2. Elegies of the Stellar Wind
  3. Terra Inanis (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by SOMNIUM NOX (Australia)
  4. Cold, Black & Everlasting
    by As Autumn Calls
  5. Resignation EP
    by As Autumn Calls
  6. The Untold Swamp Fable (Act II)
    by All The Cold
  7. The Untold Swamp Fable (Act I)
    by All The Cold
  8. As Above, So Below
    by Obliteratus
  9. Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light
    by A Diadem of Dead Stars
  10. Destin
    by Clouds Official
  11. Trugbilder einer Erinnerung
    by Apathie
  12. Ellende
    by Ellende
  13. Todbringer
    by Ellende
    Ballade auf den Tod Ballade auf den Tod
    There are *all* tracks very good, no need to place one above others. I do love the whole album, it's such emotion, the acoustic parts, as well as the harsh vocals - it just is, had to be this way 10/10.
  14. Nachzehrer
    by seher
    Geist Geist
  15. Aurora - Morgen Rothe Im Auffgang
    by Black Autumn
  16. Through The Dark
    by Ephemeral
  17. Losing The Sun
    by Black Autumn
    A Corruption Of Innocence A Corruption Of Innocence
  18. The Advent October
    by Black Autumn
    Dortke Môr Dortke Môr
    Phantastic Stuff, all is very good, but i do have Dortke Mor all time in my head... this song tells so much about do i feel pretty often...

    Besides that, all tunes are really nice.

    I'd wish there would be right now a new Black Autumn Album, also with more Vocals... \m/
  19. The Peace of Solitude
    by Arrant Saudade
  20. The Cold Room EP
    by The Cold Room